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The Benefits Of Massage For Busy Mothers

Being a mother is probably the hardest job in the world, and sometimes the pressure of raising a little one can become unbearable. As well as catering to every need your child has, many mums have other responsibilities such as a full time career to juggle as well. However, there is a bit of relief for busy parents, with the help of a massage. Let’s look at how massages can be so beneficial for mums on the go.

The Benefits of Massage for Busy Mothers

Relieves Stress

According to Cheshire massage therapist Didem Uruk, regular massage appointments have a lot of holistic benefits. One of these is stress reduction, which is invaluable to a busy mother. We carry our stress in our muscles, causing them to feel tense, stiff and achy. Massage therapy will relax those muscles and help provide a sense of relaxation. Having just one massage a month can support you to deal with stress much more effectively.

Relieving Anxiety and Depression

Mothers are always seen as the invincible heroes. But the reality is, that anxiety disorders affect a lot of women around the world – with the larger portion of this number being new mums. A massage is a wonderful way of soothing these feelings of anxiety and depression, without needing to resort to medication.

Regulates Mood Swings

As a mum, it can be hard to control our emotions all of the time. Sometimes we lose it, and then feel guilty. Taking the time to get a good massage can help you deal with mood swings a lot better, because you won’t be as emotionally tense. This not only helps you manage things within the family better, but can also assist a mum in other areas of her life as well -such as with her job or friends.

Along with regulating moods, a massage can lift your mood as well. Regularly having a massage helps to empty the mind of clutter before it overflows, keeping you calm and happy. Just another of the many health benefits of massage.

Energy Boost

It’s common to feel sleepy, lethargic and tired as a mother, because it really is a 24 hour job. As well as relieving the tension in your muscles it also boosts circulation so that more oxygen is being carried around your body. All of this, plus the mobilisation in your lymphatic system, means that a great massage can leave you feeling revitalised and energised. All in all, helping you to enjoy the time you send with your children more.

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