The Barbie Obsession

The Barbie Obsession

Shortly after my daughter being moved from the baby class (3 months – 2 yrs old) to the next class at her crèche she came home with a Barbie obsession. Up until that moment I had never mentioned Barbie and she had not come across her, in movies or any other way.

When we went to stay with my parents over December my daughter was talking about Barbie constantly and I could see the disapproval on my mother’s face.

My 3 yr old currently has 5 barbie dolls and is obsessed with obtaining more. Plus all the Barbie movies, Barbie tops, Barbie stickers…. She also “talks” to Barbie every day on my phone, she pretends to call her and has a long chat about her day, what she is doing and where she has been. There has even been one occasion when I told my daughter off for bad behaviour and she told me she is going to tell Barbie and Barbie is going to smack my bum!

Barbie is just a doll right?

Yes Barbie may be just a doll, but she is doll with big breasts, a tiny waist and thin hips. She is considered the “perfect” figure for women. Does this not set our little girls up for unrealistic expectations?

What is your opinion about Barbie?

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  1. I do agree with what you are saying as I have 2 boys and it terrifies me to think what they are thinking while they are looking at a naked barbie with breast and perfect “butt” etc. Personally I think this is the reason why kids become so weight and body obsessed at such a young age.

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