The 5 Cheapest Places To Travel In 2019

Today, travel has become more affordable than ever before. Air travel is the cheapest it’s ever been, and there’s a variety of destinations today for every budget. 

When choosing a cheap destination, you want to be smart about where you pick. You want to make sure you’re not only getting a great value but also a great experience. If you’re looking for some budget travel inspiration, look no further than these 5 places below. 

  1. Laos

While most budget travelers head to Vietnam or Thailand, Laos is the sister that’s overlooked too often. Today, Laos is the best place to visit in Southeast Asia if you want an unforgettable adventure.

Because Laos isn’t as populated as Thailand and Vietnam, and it still hasn’t caught on with travelers, it’s an untouched paradise. It has nearly 70% forest coverage, so this is the best place to try new outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, and even hot air ballooning.

  1. Croatia

If Europe is on your bucket list, don’t balk at the high prices of well-known cities like Paris, London, and Madrid. Instead, head east to Croatia. This small country on the Mediteraining has gained a lot of popularity recently as a filming location for the HBO series Game of Thrones, but there’s more to this country than just film sightseeing.

The capital city of Zagreb is a modern, sleek capital with so much to do from museums to the local foodie scene. The seaside towns of Split and Zadar are still relatively tourist-free, making this the most gorgeous spot to kick back and relax. Read this Croatia guide for more ideas.

  1. Nepal

Located at the base of the Himalayan mountains, this is one of the base-camp spots for those looking to trek the infamous Mount Everest. You don’t have to be a pro mountain climber to appreciate Nepal, however.

There are trekking routes all throughout the Himalayas that are very easy to travel even if you’re not a trained athlete. Plus, you can spend very little of your total budget keep yourself comfortable throughout your trip.

  1. Australia

While Australia has a reputation for being expensive, this is only in the large cities. A lot of the off-the-beaten path destinations are very budget-friendly, plus there’s so much to see and do.

One of the best places to go is Thredbo, an alpine village in the famous Snowy Mountains. Looking for affordable accommodation in Thredbo? You can easily find budget-friendly accommodation, and you can enjoy one of the best national parks in the land down under.

  1. Mexico

Though it’s often misunderstood, Mexico is a safe, exciting place to travel. While some of the beach resort towns can be a bit more expensive, there are so many affordable cities to make your temporary home.

From Guantajuato to Oaxaca, there are so many travel routes in Mexico that won’t break the bank. You can experience fewer crowds at the best sights for under $40 a day. Not to mention the amazing food you’ll enjoy!

Time to Pack Your Bags

You don’t need to pay a lot of money to explore the world’s best cultural sights. As long as you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone and wander off the beaten path, there are no limits to what you might find.

It’s time to skip the overcrowded, expensive travel destinations once and for all. Who knows what you’ll find when you open your mind to these affordable places?

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