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Telehealth – 5 Great Reasons To Choose Online Counseling

Technology has made some amazing things possible in recent years making things so much more convenient and easier than it would have been just a few short years ago. If you are in need of counseling you no longer have to sit face to face with a counselor in a therapy room, you can instead choose to have online counseling sessions.

You can have online video sessions through Skype, Whatsapp, Google Hangout or Facebook, as well as sessions using email, phone call or text message.

Here are some great reasons to have online counseling:

Telehealth - 5 Great Reasons To Choose Online Counseling

No Geographical Limits

Since you no longer have to travel further than your desk to have a counseling session you are not limited to seeing a counselor in your area. This is a huge bonus since you may live in a small rural town where there is no counselor or only a choice of one person to see. With online counseling you can choose to use a counselor in any town or even any country in the world.

Easily Find A Specialist

You may need to find a counselor that has an area of speciality such as a counselor that deals with addiction. OCD, or trauma. If there are no specialists locally that you can see you will not have any problems finding a specialist online that will be able to help you.


Let’s face it sitting down at your desk and turning on your computer is a lot easier than traveling to a counselor for appointment. Telehealth makes it so much easier for everyone.

For anyone that has difficulty getting around, such as those with a physical disability that are in a wheelchair having online counseling is going to be the answer.

If you have dependants such as young children it is not always easy going to a counseling session, you may need to arrange for a baby sitter which is an additional expense as well as something extra that you have to organize. Having a counseling session in the comfort of your own home means you won’t have to worry about making any extra arrangements.

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Traveling is not cheap, whether you have your own car or travel by taxi, train or bus you are going to be paying out to get to a counseling session somewhere, unless of course your counselor is within walking distance.

There may be additional costs involved with traveling such as paying to park your car.

Since you are online and can choose any counselor in the world you will be able to find a counselor that offers a very good rate rather than being stuck with paying the only counselor in your area the price that they charge.

You may even be able to find free counseling services online.

Saves Time

As someone that has a busy lifestyle and always rushing around from one thing to the next I love anything that saves me time and having an online counseling session is a big time saver.

The time taken to travel to a counseling session and back and often sitting in the waiting room waiting for your appointment can easily add up to more than the session time.

Being able to slot your session into your daily life in the privacy of your own home and not have to leave the house or deal with any headaches like traveling, traffic and parking is simply so much more convenient.

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