Taking care of yourself is also taking care of them

Taking Care of Yourself is Also Taking Care of Them

As the saying goes, one follows by example. And this statement holds even more truth when it comes to children. At their young age, children will be highly inclined to copy or repeat what their parents or carers do. Thus, if we want to see our kids place importance on their good health and well-being, we need to set the example. If you as a parent do not take care of yourself, you cannot expect your child to understand the importance of self-care.

Taking Care Of Yourself Is Also Taking Care Of Them

Unfortunately many new mothers enter into a whole new world when they give birth to their child. Prior to this they used to have so much time to care for themselves, in terms of their personality and body, and also emotionally and psychologically. Often new mums fail to keep up with this and do not even indulge in proper rest, let alone some level of self-care. This is really bad for their health and self confidence because one needs to have at least some time every day to rest and take care of oneself.

Massage self careThey need to have a hot bath or shower, go for a walk, sit back and relax, read a book, schedule an appointment for a manicure or pedicure, or maybe a body massage, get a new hairstyle every now and then – there are so many little things that one can do really, and they all contribute to a better and happier life. If you are not bothering about your well-being, your hobbies, and do something that makes you get in touch with your inner self, what do you think is going to happen? You are going to feel stressed out, anxious, unhappy and you are most likely going to feel bad about yourself.

In time, even if the child grows older and more independent, many mums end up getting used to this kind of lifestyle and their level of self-care does not improve at all. The result is that their child will notice his or her mum’s perception to self-care, and her lack of effort, and do likewise. This is a very general overview of what all this entails, and even from this basic explanation you must be realizing that this is not beneficial for neither the mother, nor the child or children.

If we want to raise our kids well we need to take care of ourselves properly first. Once we do take care of ourselves, we can then set a good example to our kids, and as they grow older they will do the same. And this is after all what we really want: children who move on to their teens and adulthood and throughout their growth and development they place importance and value on good health, a good image and their overall well-being, not just physically, but also emotionally and psychologically.

I am sure that you agree that taking care of yourself is definitely not about depriving your children of your time or effort, but rather it is a way to help you take good care of them. Self-care is imperative if you want to give your children your best. To take good care of yourself, and be able to take care of your children, you should focus on three key areas of your life.

  1. Your Physical Health

The younger you feel the more energetic you are going to be. Being physically healthy is not only important for yourself, but also for your kids as you are after all their primary carer. There are various ways which can make you take good care of yourself physically. First of all, you need to make sure that you are eating healthy.

Take the time to plan your meals and snacks and as much as possible stick to ingredients which will nourish you properly. There is a saying that we are what we eat, and it definitely applies in this case. If you tend to stick to processed foods, take-aways, and junk food, you are not likely to feel good about it deep down, and it certainly is not going to reflect well neither on your body nor on your health. Supplementing your diet with products such as nutraceuticalsprobiotics, and antioxidants will help you feel better and more fit.

It is also important to drink enough water each day, as this will boost your immune system and help digestion. Last but not least, you need to find ways to get exercise daily. You might be busy and your life may be hectic, but it is critical to spend at least ten minutes a day doing some form of exercise.

Taking care of yourself yoga

  1. Your Personal Wellbeing and Psychological Health 

While exercise and a healthy diet are important, you also need to pay attention to your personal well-being from other perspectives. First and foremost you need to get enough rest. Regular sleeping patterns are of utmost importance to restore your energy and your body. You will be able to focus more, be calmer and more energetic the following day, and this will improve your attitude and outlook to life as well as that of your children. Focus on what makes you feel good, and on what inspires you. It could be a hobby or a talent or skill you have. Use it and feel good about your achievements. This will make you gain self confidence as well as show your kids how important it is to feel good about yourself and your abilities. Your personal well-being also depends on how good you feel about yourself. So you need to take care of your body, your skin and hair. Skin care products, food supplements and anti-ageing supplements are all products that can help you feel good about your body and boost your self-confidence.

  1. Your Emotional Health

You need to be optimistic, carefree and have a positive outlook to life, and this can only be achieved if you focus on your emotional health. Try to be calm and relaxed, and in situations where you go through difficulties, stress or anxiety, aim at regaining your strength to deal with them rather than let them take over your life. There are periods when you feel stressed out, upset or sad; it is completely normal. However if you get used to certain techniques that make you feel well you can improve your emotional wellbeing. Breathing exercises are a very good way to feel calmer and get a clear mind. Certain exercises can also work wonders. Spend some time every day to regain that sense of peace of mind you need after a day at work or trying to keep up with your family’s needs. You deserve to sit back and relax. Yoga, meditation and self hypnosis could prove really helpful to restore yourself. There are recordings for natural rejuvenation and improved healthspan that you can buy to learn how to do this, as well as essential oils and products that will set the right ambiance to make you feel calmer and more peaceful.

Get some rest mommy

Remember – a fit and relaxed mum is a happy mum. And this is the kind of mum kids want. Do your best to be your best by investing time and effort in making yourself a better and healthier person. While you are doing this you are also making a positive impact on your kids, and you will be taking good care of them at the same time.

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Kim Amaranth – mother of two teenage boys, natural rejuvenation researcher and co-founder of for the Ageless an e-commerce store and blog dedicated to healthy ageing.

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  1. I completely agree feeling younger recharged us and gives us energy it’s nice to take time from our busy schedules and focus on ourselves. Thank you great tips

  2. True we also need to relax and do some activities like massage or do some exercisement

  3. Mommies are always on duty so we need some day off have a nice treatment etc not making roti everyday @vhutshiloali1????

  4. @aasiya lols ma isa making rotis it’s part of us now ?

  5. Oh yes I know what you are talking about, I found it so hard to take care of myself for a long time after having children. I used to be so well groomed and nicely dressed before falling pregnant. It wasn’t even something I had to think about before I had kids. It was so easy to just look after myself on autopilot but now it has become a case of making a really huge effort to find the time to do the most simplest of things that a woman without kids just takes for granted.

    Never mind finding the time for a massage, I would more time to do things like shave my legs, wash and blow dry my hair, get my hair highlighted and cut, giving myself a facial and doing my nails.

    Those are now special moments!

  6. Self care is very important. Moms are the glue in the home that keeps everything together. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

  7. A doctor gave me stern talking to a few years ago with regards to taking care of myself and my husband I must add (he got a mouthful). We are doing so much for everyone that we do forget ourselves. I suffered from migraines and could not determine the cause, was the sent for tests and scans and all test came back clear…THANK GOD…but for my iron level that was on 3 when it should be at 12. She told me basically my organs could shut down if I don’t stop and take time for myself. It’s gotten better over the years but I still do too much.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      That’s what us moms do – put everyone else first when in actual fact we need to be looking after ourselves so that we have the energy and strength to care for our families. I’m so glad you have started to take better care of yourself Natasa, I find for myself too that it is a process. I’m getting better at it.

  8. Loved reading this blog post Lynne I didn’t see things this way and you made me realize that baby will pick up things from now till she’s older and I need to ake care of myself too. Self care is truly important

  9. It is important for us to be calm and in the right place in order for our children to express the same they feel when something is not right

  10. Heila Marita venter

    How can a person share or forward this article.whuch is excellent to a person who is not on facebook

  11. this is powerful message.Thank you. we really need to take care of our self

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