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Tips On How To Transition From Breast Or Bottle To Sippy Cup

Cute Toddler Girl

Breast or bottle feeding is about more than just nutrition. For you and your baby, how you’ve been feeding since birth forms an incredible bonding experience. Typically, health professionals recommend breastfeeding to be the best nutritional choice for newborns. It isn’t always possible for all women, however. You may have …

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How To Wean Baby Off Breast

Toddler Girl Drinking Bottle Formula

Whether you want to wean baby off breast onto the bottle or to start solids it can come with some difficulty as well as be emotionally trying for both mommy and baby. Many mothers choose to let their baby self-wean however there may be many reasons why you want your …

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Weaning Your Baby With Vital Baby

Weaning your baby may seem like a daunting experience but there’s no need to worry. Meal times should be fun affairs. With a little preparation and patience you’ll find it as rewarding as your baby will.   When should I start weaning?  You will need to think about weaning your baby …

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Breastfeeding Comes to an End after 3 Years!

Breastfeeding Come to an End after 3 Years

On the 28 January I decided that it is time breastfeeding comes to an end, this is the final toll for me to escape the breastfeeding and tiredness. This was one of the worst days, yet the one of the best too. After 3 years of breastfeeding and being used …

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Weaning: Smells Like Cabbage!

The weaning process is nearly complete. It has not been an easy week so far, but things are getting better. I got Dostinex from my doctor on Tuesday: a course of 4 pills, one every 12 hours which dries up the milk. I was instructed not to feed my son …

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The decision to wean

Decision to Wean

My son is turning 1 on Saturday and we have made the decision to wean him in the new year. It has been a strange journey for me. It has been a combination of wonderful bonding time and seeing my son so happy and comforted by the breast and then …

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