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Top Ten Parent Pet Peeves

Really, it’s not that we are any more easily annoyed than anyone else, but if you’re a parent, you know there’s certain things that just drive you mad. Chances are you have wanted to bang your head against a wall whenever you’ve been confronted with the following: Peeve #10: Booooooring …

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How to Organize your Kids Puzzles!

Jigsaw Puzzle Organizer

I’m not sure about you, but puzzles are one of those toys that just irritate me no end. I am constantly picking up puzzles pieces off the floor and no matter how many times I sticky tape the boxes closed they come open and the puzzle pieces come spilling out …

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Tiring Toys?

Tiring Toys

The things we buy our children because parenthood just isn’t exhausting enough. This post was inspired by a woman I vaguely know on Facebook. She posted in one of the mommy groups that she’s looking for one of those rubber floor mat puzzles for her son. My first thought was, …

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