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Weaning Your Baby With Vital Baby

Weaning your baby may seem like a daunting experience but there’s no need to worry. Meal times should be fun affairs. With a little preparation and patience you’ll find it as rewarding as your baby will.   When should I start weaning?  You will need to think about weaning your baby …

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Best Finger Foods For Baby

Best finger foods for baby

There is nothing more disconcerting than trying to figure out what to prepare for your child as the weaning phase takes over. This is a very common problem for most young mothers who are experiencing this the first time round. They tend to ask around, and look up ideas for …

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Should you start your baby on rice cereal?

Should you start your Baby on Rice Cereal?

Did you know that there are a few concerns around starting your baby on rice cereal? Here are some reasons rice cereal is not a great first food: It can cause obeseity. It can make your baby constipated. Aspiration risks Lack of nutrients in rice cereal (other than iron). Please …

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