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Essential Skin Care for Teenagers

Teenager flowers

Adolescence is a particularly interesting time where a person undergoes through various changes in her or her life. One of these changes includes bodily hormonal changes that can affect your skin. Oftentimes, many teenagers experience skin issues like acne and oily skin due to hormonal changes so it’s important to …

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How To Take Care Of Your Skin During Pregnancy

Pregnant Rub Cream Into Skin

Let’s be real. Pregnancy is no small thing. Your body undergoes a lot of changes during those nine months. Your hormones fluctuate during the entire time and it can lead to a lot of things – both wanted and unwanted. One such unwanted thing during pregnancy is various skin conditions …

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Happy Event Firming Cream Review

Happy Event Creams

When Happy Event offered to send me their new firming cream I jumped at the chance. Happy Event is a well known and very much loved brand for women to use during pregnancy and after birth. I’m sure plenty of women that aren’t moms love it too. I used Happy …

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8 Newborn Baby Skin Care Tips

Baby smiling

Your newborn baby’s skin plays an important role in maintaining overall health, regulating baby’s internal temperature and is an essential shield that offers protection from the outside world. A newborn baby’s skin and immune system is delicate and more prone to allergies and irritation, it has a greater tendency to …

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