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Best Type of Flooring for Educational Institutions

Kids Running Through Scho9ol

Today, we are looking at the best type of flooring for educational institutions. Choosing industrial flooring for classrooms and schools can be a challenge since the floor must be able to withstand heavy traffic, and children tend to be messy. They also jump or run instead of walking and they …

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5 Alternative Ways to Educate Your Child


There are a lot of good things our children learn at school, but as parents, we’re teachers too. Many of us may worry that mainstream schools don’t allow enough personal attention or individuality – and that they don’t sufficiently connect real life with learning. Should you consider an alternative education …

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5 Tips How To Choose The Best School

Child Writing

I’ve just reached a huge parenting milestone with my older child starting Grade 1 – and what an experience it has been. I am so proud of her and so excited for her for this new stage or learning and development. Then come in all the fears and anxieties too …

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