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12 Toddler Safety Products You Should Have

Toddler laughing

When it comes to child safety, there is no such thing as being too careful. Making sure you have the right toddler safety products is essential. Your little one is now running wild, exploring his surroundings, and he will try to get those little hands on just about anything that …

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Fighting Fire With Fire – Fire Safety Tips

Fire fighters

It doesn’t take much for a tiny spark, or a flame that comes into contact with the wrong material, to start a devastating fire. It’s a terrifying sight to see flames grow and spread, while being helpless to do anything to stop it. Fire safety is a precaution which is …

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Introduction To The SAFER App

Safer App

The SAFER app has recently launched in South Africa – the safety app for women in South Africa, specially geared towards the unique safety needs of women in our country. What is it that wakes you up at 2am?  I don’t know about you, but for me, I worry about …

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Summer Safety Tips For Parents

Group kids playing summer

Most accidents that put children in the emergency room during the summer and festive season are preventable, says leading paediatrician and Paed-IQ BabyLine CEO Dr Iqbal Karbanee. “Unfortunately, many common and fun family activities during the summer months can quickly take a turn for the worst and end in injury. …

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The 5 Best Home Security Systems of 2020

It’s important to safeguard your home against burglary. You may be surprised to discover that there were 225,900 recorded burglaries in Australia during 2019. It’s not just the loss of personal possessions, you’ll also experience increased anxiety after the experience. Some people end up having to sell their dream home …

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How To Protect Your Family Against Household Pests


Pests are one of the most disturbing burdens in a household. They bring damage to our belongings. Plus, they cause diseases to humans and animals. This is the reason why we need to find ways to protect our family against them. Many individuals recommend using pesticides for pest control. However, …

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How To Keep Your Pest Control Family Friendly

Household pests

When you see pests in your home, it‘s natural that your first reaction will be to reach for the insecticide sprays and powder. But, when you have a family, especially with young children, going straight to the poisons isn’t going to be the safest option. Here, we are going to …

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Cosmetic Stability Tests- How Can They Help You?

The world of cosmetics is all about offering great products. Using high quality cosmetics makes women feel special and beautiful. The industry of cosmetics is witnessing great progress year on year, with numerous products and brands being released. So, what is considered a cosmetic and what is not? In order …

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