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Luna Angeli Period Kit Review – Luna Primrose Pack

Luna Angeli period kit - Luna Primrose

My daughter turns ten years old this week and something that has been on my mind a lot recently is preparing my daughter for puberty and menstruation. I’ve been very keen on making her a period kit, specifically something that she can keep with her at school for just in …

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Puberty Differences Between Boys and Girls

Teen boy and girl

As a parent, you probably remember this time when you were transitioning from childhood into the world of adulthood . It is called puberty age, and it can be a confusing and overwhelming time for many kids. Their bodies undergo physical and hormonal changes. There are many differences between boys …

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10 Developmental Differences Between Girls And Boys

Developmental Differences Between Girls and Boys

While every child develops at his or her own pace there are certain developmental differences between girls and boys that do stand out. Here are some developmental differences between girls and boys. Physical Growth Girls and boys actually grow at a similar rate until elementary school. Girls start growing at …

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