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Ten Pregnancy Tips You Need To Learn Now

There isn’t a joy that compares to seeing your little one for the very first time. After nine months, as the long-awaited day arrives, the first thought in every mother’s mind is a healthy, happy baby. But first, let’s get through the nine months knowing that you’ve given this miracle …

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Pregnancy Yoga – Episode 4

Pregnancy yoga episode 4

This 10 minute pregnancy yoga video takes you through various yoga exercises that will help you with dealing with the aches and pains you are most likely experiencing during your pregnancy. Yoga can help you to build strength, keep your fitness, help with pregnancy symptoms and prepare your body for …

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Pregnancy Yoga – Episode 3

Pregnancy yoga episode 3

This is a 10 minute pregnancy yoga workout for mommies to be in the third trimester. Yoga is so beneficial and when you are pregnant it can help you to keep your fitness and strength levels up.

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Pregnancy Yoga – Episode 1

Pregnancy Yoga - episode 1

Yoga is a great way to keep fit, strong and healthy, especially when you are pregnant. It is important to ensure that if you are doing yoga when pregnant that you are doing yoga aimed specifically for pregnant women. Doing yoga while pregnant has so many benefits and can help …

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