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The Benefits Of Positive Play

Crowd of kids

Children from varying ages are affected by bullying, particularly those who come from areas which are deprived of ideal resources which positively impact a child’s development. That is why through its Siyasizana initiative, SASKO aims to restore over 1000 playgrounds in South Africa by 2024. The goal is to help …

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Top Tips for Encouraging Independent Play

Child playing alone

Independent play is when children play by themselves. It is an important way for your child to learn, gain independence and explore the world around them. Here’s what parents need to know about independent play. What’s So Important About Independent Play? We often wish that our kids would play on …

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The Importance Of Free Play

Free play

In this article, we will explore the importance of free play, provide a few examples, and share some of the benefits linked to free play from early childhood. Play comes naturally to kids and play is automatically associated with childhood. But, some children are not getting sufficient free play time. …

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12 Best Learning Activities For Kids

Learning Activities

Play is one of the most effective ways where children can learn. Not only does it strengthen a child’s concentration, but it is also vital for preparing them for school as it underpins everything from the start of scientific thinking to learning social norms and interactions. Play offers a fun …

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