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Why Children’s Gaming Does Have Benefits

Boy gaming

The warnings about letting your children become video and digital gamers can be overwhelming.  The list of risks is a litany of parental fears – addiction, social withdrawal and isolation; stunting in the development of empathy and numbness in the face of violence; disinterest in healthy enjoyments such as playing …

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Lifesaving Tips Every Parent Should Know About

Dad tending wound

While most parents prefer not to think of their children in potentially life-threatening situations, being prepared and knowing how to respond appropriately in the event of an accident, injury or illness is crucial for the well-being of children. These unexpected events can also place huge financial burdens on families if …

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Co-parenting And Vacations

Co-parenting vacation

Vacations are time for family members to unwind, reconnect and create lifetime memories away from the pressures of everyday life. However, for divorced families who co-parent, vacations usually need concerted effort for them to become successful. Many divorced families with young children choose to forget about their differences for a …

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Top Tips for Encouraging Independent Play

Child playing alone

Independent play is when children play by themselves. It is an important way for your child to learn, gain independence and explore the world around them. Here’s what parents need to know about independent play. What’s So Important About Independent Play? We often wish that our kids would play on …

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6 Ways To Nurture Your Kid’s Mental Health

Positive kids

Some children seem to be born with healthy self-esteem while others need a bit of encouragement. Your child’s emotional well-being directly influences their physical health. A strong sense of self can help your child to be more resilient emotionally when he encounters obstacles along the way, or when things don’t …

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Home Care Tips To Manage Your Child’s Fever

Manage Your Child's Fever

Loving our kids is easy… keeping pain and fever at bay? That’s harder. But here’s the secret: It doesn’t have to be! When your baby or infant has a fever, turn to conveniently packaged Panado® Paediatric Syrup, Peppermint 5 ml Sachets. Parenting is a rollercoaster. One minute you’re pacing from room to …

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Online Schooling – How To Set Your Child Up For Success

Home learning workspace

Online schooling is on the rise in South Africa, and more families are opting for the flexibility and other benefits of at-home learning.  However, it’s important for parents to be mindful of providing a child-friendly workspace that is conducive to learning.  A safe, comfortable and well-organised environment is essential for …

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8 Ways To Raise Avid Readers

Avid Readers

If you want to raise avid readers in your home this post is for you. Plenty of research suggests kids who learn to read books from a young age can enhance their cognitive and verbal abilities. Reading offers an essential relaxing activity for children. It is an excellent way to …

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Help Your Child Bounce Back From Winter Colds

Winter colds

While science has taught us never to underestimate the power of germs, sometimes these microscopic critters are simply too crafty, even for the most stringent germ detective. Is Winter To Blame For Childhood Colds? Welcome to winter – the season of snuggles, bear hugs, hot chocolate, colds, and flu! Of …

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