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Shaping Your Children’s Attitude To Money

Mother Child Money

Most parents will agree that teaching children about money is important, but what and how should you be teaching them and at what age? It’s an inherent part of parenting. Most children’s attitudes to money are shaped by their parents, whether you pro-actively pass on information or they just copy …

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REMY – A Book About Believing In Yourself Review

Daughter reading REMY

I’m a huge fan of books that teach my children important lessons and I am also a big advocate of the important of mental health, for adults as well as for children. So when Mayuri Naidoo contacted me to review her book REMY – A Book About Believing In Yourself …

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How To Stop Back Talk From Your Child

Cheeky girl

Many parents face this challenge. Backtalk may be annoying and sometimes maddening, but it is a commonplace symptom of gaining independence and growing up. Kids of all ages have a formidable sense of individual power on an emotional level. As soon as they can’t get it because they are commanded …

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10 Tips On How To Raise Responsible Children

Handsome dad cute baby

The key to raising kids to become dependable and sensible adults one day is by teaching them responsibility and being accountable for himself and his behavior. Have a look at these simple tips on how to raise responsible children. ** On 24 February 2021 I was live on Radio Islam …

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The Kids Are Not OK

Child Doing School Activities At Home

Many parents may be feeling mixed emotions given the recent news that start of the school term has been delayed until 15 February due to the increased rate of COVID-19 infections and the onset of the second wave. Parents juggling full-time work may be experiencing a sense of frustration or …

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How To Deal With Potty Training Regression

Potty training feet toilet

Potty training isn’t a linear process. In fact, most toddlers will experience an obstacle or two that set them back. It’s normal to feel frustration when your child has accidents. But take a deep breath and remain calm. It’s important to remember that it happens to many kids and it …

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Managing ADHD Symptoms During The Holiday

Family Outdoor Bike Ride

Holiday time can be exciting (spending time with loved ones), overwhelming (forced to spend time with family) and challenging (a break in routine). This is especially true for people with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), who have to deal with the added pressure of the holidays and free time, causing anxiety and …

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6 Benefits Of Family Meal Times

Family meal time

Sitting down for a family meal with the kids and your partner has become a challenge for many with their hectic daily schedules. For most, school, family, and work schedules with extracurricular activities leaves little room for quality family time where you sit at the table, enjoy a meal, and …

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