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NICU Tips From A Former Labor & Delivery Nurse

Premie Baby in Hospital

Having a baby in the NICU can be overwhelming. Here’s some advice from a former Labor & Delivery nurse on how to get through it. The experience of having a premature or sick baby can be extremely stressful, and the NICU environment can seem very overwhelming. Parents often find themselves …

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10 Things To Expect When Pregnant With Triplets

Pregnant with triplets - what to expect

When I found out I was having triplets, I was shocked, I’d never been pregnant before, so I really didn’t have any idea what things to expect in pregnancy.  I’d trained as a nurse, did my bit on the obstetric wards and delivery suite but to be honest, whilst it was part of …

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Claire’s Pre-eclampsia Birth Story

Pre-eclampsia Birth Story

After being told many times by my mother that I need to be super careful while pregnant as my mother and grandmother experienced pre-eclampsia, it finally happened to me at 33 weeks. I went in to my gynae for my 33 week scan, he informed me that I was not …

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