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11 Ways To Keep Baby Awake During Breastfeeding

Mom and sleepy newborn

Newborns are super sleepy in the first few weeks. Keeping them awake for a full feeding is important for their optimal growth initially. Read on to find out ways to keep baby awake during breastfeeding. What is wrong with a baby falling asleep while breastfeeding? After all, it is the …

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Most Essential Things A Newborn Baby Needs

Newborn baby girl

Mothers start preparing for a baby when they get a confirmation from the doctor. Regardless, of all the things and suggestions that you get from your friends and family, there are several other things you should be ready to buy before you take the child home. Shopping for all the …

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Why You Need To Have A New Born Photo Shoot

Newborn baby photo

Our memories are full of all of the special occasions we’ve had. From birthdays, graduations to weddings, we want to remember it as it was and we do it by taking photos. Photography started as early as the 1830s. People used to take pictures only of landscape and portraits. Now, …

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Newborn Baby Care Basics

Bath Baby

Newborn baby care basics is something every new mom is worried about Even after trying to prepare yourself during those 9 months of pregnancy, nothing quite prepares you for parenting like the real thing.  Those days of being able to ooooh and aaaaah over a baby and then handing him/her …

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