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Week 12 My Weight Loss Journey

Week 12 My Weight Loss Journey

Better late than never right? Yes I missed my weekly update last week and I am so sorry. Like just got a little bit too crazy and I had way too much on my plate to get my video done or to get a post out! This week is looking …

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Week 9 My Weight Loss Journey

Week 9 my weight loss journey

Thankfully this last week went better than the week before. Although in all honesty it would have been hard to have a worse week. I managed to pick myself up after feeling so physically ill and being so demotivated. I’ve started running in the mornings and I am really enjoying …

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Week 8 My Weight Loss Journey

Week 8 my weight loss journey

Yes I know this post is a day late, but to be blatantly honest the way that this last week has gone it is a miracle this post is being published at all! This week has been rather trying with me having extremely low energy levels and not feeling too …

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Week 5 My Weight Loss Journey

Week 5 my weight loss journey

I know that not every week will go well and I know that this is a process, but still when I fail at something I take it very hard and this last week of my weight loss journey has not exactly been a raging a success. So what went wrong? …

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Week 4 – My Weight Loss Journey

Week 4 My Weight Loss Journey

This has to be hands down the best week of my weight loss journey so far. Yes I lost some weight before this but I couldn’t feel it or see it. This week I have started being able to feel it and see it which is very exciting and has …

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Week 3 My Weight Loss Journey

Week 3 my weight loss journey

Last week when I gave my update I was feeling demotivated and quite negative towards my weight loss process. I am so pleased to let you all know that this week has improved in a big way. The first thing is that for the first time in a long time …

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Week 2 My Weight Loss Journey

Week 2 my weight loss journey

This last week has been both good and bad. While I achieved all the goals that I set for myself I did not feel very motivated at all, especially when it came to getting the exercise in. I have to be honest here, I find it quite easy to eat …

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Week 1 My Weight Loss Journey

Week 1 my weight loss journey

When I shared my article last week about not wanting to be fat anymore I honestly didn’t expect such a response from everyone. I received so much feedback on social media, on my blog and via email from other moms that feel the same way. A lot of moms said …

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I Don’t Want To Be Fat Anymore!

I don't want to be fat anymore

Honestly,  I never [ever] thought I would be an overweight person. All my life I was skinny and I was always able to eat whatever I wanted without it showing anywhere at all. Yes there was a period of time in my teens where I maybe had a little extra …

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