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Behind The Scenes 21 January 2022 – 2022 Is In Full Swing!

2022 in full swing

This year is already flying by, I can’t believe we have already completed the second week of the new school year. Both parent teacher meetings for my children are done and dusted, and sports day has already happened. We’ve also attended two birthday parties and sports starts next week. Things …

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5 Miscarriage Memorial Ideas

Angel Baby

It’s been 2+ years since my miscarriage and I finally feel like the time is right to do something to memorialize my loss. I can feel the strong urge to do this and get closure for myself. The thing that brought this on, and perhaps the thing that I have …

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Risk Factors and Prevention of Ectopic Pregnancies

The reason for ectopic pregnancies is unknown, but damage caused to the fallopian tube could prevent the egg from reaching the uterus. The likelihood for an ectopic pregnancy is higher with the following risk factors: ***Disclosure -The links in this post may contain affiliate links and Kaboutjie may receive a small commission if …

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How to Best Cope with a Miscarriage

Woman abdominal pain

Grief In All Its Forms Losing any member of the family is difficult, and a miscarriage is perhaps one of the most heart-breaking experiences a mother can face. Whether you’re facing the miscarriage alone or not, you may feel isolated and unsure of how to proceed. You may even wonder if …

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Mom To Twin Boys – A Story Of Loss And Joy

Mom to twin boys

Gaynor’s story of her twin boys is heart wrenching, get out the tissues mommies! When Harry met Sally (okay it’s Jacques and Gaynor) … Gaynor de Beer, Table View Hubby asked me to marry him in December 2004 after dating for 8 years. I knew he was the “one” the …

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