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How To Choose The Best Online Marriage Therapist

Couple holding hands

In this age of technology you can do just anything online, this includes having marriage counseling. In fact online counseling offers many benefits, especially when it comes to the convenience for both partners. Chances are high that one or both spouses work full time which makes getting to sessions together …

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3 Signs You Need Therapy

Peace harmony

Therapy can seem like a mysterious process that is hard to understand. A lot of people even think therapy can make things worse rather than better. But therapy is designed to provide a safe space to discuss difficult feelings. It’s not just about harvesting trauma for the sake of saying …

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Women and Addiction: All WHYs and HOWs

Female addict smoking marijuana ipe

When it comes to various addictions (drugs, alcohol, tobacco), one usually pictures a male who abuses substances or alcohol. Even if this stereotype is statistically based, it is necessary to look at addictions from a female’s perspective separately. The problem of addiction concerns all genders. However, until recently, research focused …

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What Could Cause Depression in Children?

Child walking with stuffed lion

Signs of depression in children often get ignored because the tendency is to think that the problems of children are not as grave or as significant as that of adults. Needless to say, this underestimation makes little sense to the child because from his/her point of view, their problems are …

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Drug Addiction And The Family

Drug Addiction

It is extremely rare to find an individual whose alcohol or drug use has not impacted negatively on family or loved ones. Chemical dependency is identified by the loss of control over an addictive substance. It is an illness that strikes randomly throughout the population. It happens to people at …

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