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Peachy Tips For Easy, Healthy Lunchboxes

Peachy lunchbox

Getting back into the school routine doesn’t have to be painful.  With some basic planning and organising habits, you can beat the weekday morning blues and get the kids off to school with a smile and a wave.  If you do just one thing this year to make the kid’s …

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Your Children’s Lunchboxes Made Easy And Healthy

Eating lunch at school

A healthy lunchbox with the right foods is crucial for children to have energy to play, concentrate and learn all day. From around the age of three, children start being vocal about their food preferences. Unfortunately, what they want to eat is not always nutritious, which makes a healthy lunchbox …

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School Children And Their Changing Nutritional Needs

Kids eating school lunches

As our kids enter their school-going years their growth is steady, but slower and somewhat less dramatic when compared to the rapid baby-toddler-to-little-person transformation.  It’s an interesting time nutritionally as school-going children tend to be more open to trying different foods and are developing their foodie likes and dislikes.  They …

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Lunchbox Debate: Paediatrician Weighs-in

Kids lunch boxes debate

Local social media sites recently lit up with flurry of activity when a mom posted about having sent her child to school with a non-alcoholic cider when she had supposedly run out of juice to include in the child’s lunchbox for the day. It has since been found that the …

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Eat Real’s Back to School Lunch Box of Dreams

Back to school lunch box

What a weird year 2020 was and as the clock struck 12 on 31 December, there was a very real part of many of us that felt, like Cinderella and her pumpkin carriage, that things would magically go back to normal. Sadly, that is far from reality, however, we do …

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Back To School Lunch Box Ideas

Girl eating her school lunch

Lunch boxes provide children with at least a third of their daily intake of energy for the day as well as providing them with the energy required for school activities in the classroom and on the sports field. A healthy diet not only protects children from diseases and illness but …

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