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Help Your Kids Avoid Eye Strain

Child eye strain

Are carrots a lunchtime snack you’ve thought about packing into your child’s lunchbox in-between all the back-to-school craziness? If not, it’s a healthy snack to consider! You’ve probably heard that carrots promote healthy eyes and good vision, and it’s true. Carrots are high in the antioxidant’s beta-carotene—and that’s a start, …

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5 Ways To Get Your Kids Unplugged And Outside

Girl pushing lawnmower

Tracy Williams, successful entrepreneur, Head of Sales and Operations at Rolux and mom of twins, has some ideas on getting your kids to ditch their screens this December and dirty their hands in the garden instead. It’s every parent’s greatest challenge in the digital age – balancing children’s screen time …

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10 Tips On How To Prepare Your Kids For Adulthood

Happy teen girl

It takes time for teenagers to slowly learn and practice important adult life skills, like managing finances, driving a car, finding a job, doing their own laundry, arranging medical appointments, and more. This means you need to start early to prepare your kids for adulthood. Even small kids can be …

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Treating Knee Injuries In Children At Home

Sore knee

Most children have high energy levels; hence you find them jumping, running around which leads them to experiencing many injuries in their childhood. Breaking a bone is a common occurrence for most children which becomes part of their learning process, parents try as hard as they can to keep their …

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