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6 Ways To Keep Kids Safe At Home

Child dad

We all have a tendency to think of our home as automatically safe. But while this is true for us, as adults, it’s not true automatically for children. Kids love to get their hands onto things that they shouldn’t be using or can otherwise make decisions that could compromise the …

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Safely Lighting the Kids’ Room

Girl in bed night light

When it comes to electricity in the home your kids’ safety has to be your number one concern. The contemporary home is a showcase of wonders but it also presents myriad dangers for children that simply didn’t exist a century ago. Those dangers include the garbage disposal, the blender, the …

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How To Keep Your Teenager Safe Online

‘What in the world were you thinking?’, ‘How could you post that?’, ‘I wasn’t expecting that from you.’ these are some of the sentences you often say to your young ones when they do something stupid or totally outrageous. When we were teens, our parents had to deal with problems …

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