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12 Children’s Books That Discuss Substance Abuse

Preteen reading book

Substance abuse and addiction can be such a difficult topic to discuss with kids, especially when they are facing confusing and hurtful circumstances related to a parent’s or sibling’s addiction. “As an addiction treatment professional, a person in recovery, and a father, I know from personal experience how important it …

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5 Children Books That Teach Kindness

Beautiful girl reading book

Why is it important to teach a child the importance of being kind from a young age? There are four main benefits associated with children that practice kindness. It’s never too early to start teaching your children vital principles and life lessons that can carry them throughout the different development …

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The Greatest Kids Books On The Market

Boy reading book with green cover

Books are an important part of every kid’s childhood. You might even be able to remember some of your favorite characters from when you were little. Kids books help parents bond with their children at night as they tuck them in, they help them relate to fictional characters through creation, …

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Top Ten Parent Pet Peeves

Really, it’s not that we are any more easily annoyed than anyone else, but if you’re a parent, you know there’s certain things that just drive you mad. Chances are you have wanted to bang your head against a wall whenever you’ve been confronted with the following: Peeve #10: Booooooring …

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