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4 Financing Options for Buying a Home

Financial options to buy a home

Purchasing a home is a substantial investment and a significant emotional and financial decision to make. If you have a stable income source and you are ready to establish roots, it shouldn’t be a problem. But just as there is not one home that is right for everyone, there are …

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For 12% Of SA Consumers, Social Ratings Come At A Cost

Social Media

Kaspersky’s latest report, Social credits and security: embracing the world of ratings, has uncovered that 12% of South African consumers surveyed have experienced issues accessing financial services because of an assessment of their social media information by scoring systems. While such social scoring systems have become more widespread and are already implemented in …

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How to Apply for Your First Mortgage

First Home

Buying a home for the first time can be a very thrilling experience. However, the process of applying for your first mortgage is anything but thrilling. A simple mistake and your application can get rejected by lenders or you end up with a property that is unsuitable for your circumstances. …

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