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25 Herbs To Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnant Woman holding herbs

We all know how important it is to take care of our bodies every day, especially during pregnancy. Before pregnancy, many women will start taking folic acid with their multi-vitamin to ensure that they are at their healthiest. Others will concentrate on taking other supplements with some deciding that herbs are the key …

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16 Cheap Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Beautifully wrapped gifts

Have you ever been invited to one of those baby showers where you have a look at the baby shower registry and nearly faint at the prices of the gifts choices? Well I have many a time and while I don’t mind sometimes spending a bit on a baby shower …

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Drug Addiction And The Family

Drug Addiction

It is extremely rare to find an individual whose alcohol or drug use has not impacted negatively on family or loved ones. Chemical dependency is identified by the loss of control over an addictive substance. It is an illness that strikes randomly throughout the population. It happens to people at …

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Is Glutathione Safe For Pregnancy?

Pregnant Woman In Garden

Glutathione is naturally found in the body as it is produced by the liver. It also is found in many foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and meats. Many individuals take glutathione to keep their immune systems up to par, while others take it for various health conditions. It does help to build …

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Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet Review

Kid playing with tablet lying on grass

Introduction The Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet is fully featured with a 7-inch screen. The tablet is black, while the case protector comes in three colors: blue, pink, and yellow. It was intended for children ages 3 and up. This Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet Review will provide you with features of …

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25 Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids

Two girls running holding hands

Surviving with a toddler indoors can be such a difficult task. Confining your kid indoors hugely limits his curiosity and walking space. Outdoor activities are thus the best way of honing toddler’s skills and keep them physically active. We put together the most fun activities we could find! Remember, it’s …

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7 Common Mistakes in Parenting

Mom and son scrunchy nose

Making mistakes in parenting is part of learning to be a parent. Have you committed any? Being a parent is a responsibility and, especially, constant learning. As good parents, we all want the best for our children, the best care, the best education, the best opportunities … but as parents, …

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