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Bulk Ginger Biscuits Recipe – Makes Over 100 Biscuits!

Ginger Biscuits

This ginger biscuits recipe comes from my granny’s old recipe book. My mother made them all the time when we were kids so they bring back fond memories for me. This recipe makes a lot of biscuits and my family loves them. Ginger Biscuits Recipe Ingredients 500ml golden syrup 450g …

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JWOWWS Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

Natural remedies for morning sickness

I love this video about natural remedies for morning sickness. Jenni was pregnant with her second baby when she did this video and once again she was suffering with very bad morning sickness so she tries out 5 different natural remedies for morning sickness and shares about them all. You …

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7 Healthy Life Changing Smoothies

7 Healthy life changing smoothies

Smoothies are so delicious, they are healthy and so good for you! Here are 7 healthy life changing smoothies recipes from Honeysuckle in all the colors of the rainbow. I love that she explains what all the ingredients are for too.  

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Ginger Bread Men Recipe (Or Shapes)

ginger bread men

Making ginger bread men with my daughter was loads of fun, the only snag we hit was putting the men in the oven. It caused great upset and we had to remold some into other shapes! Ginger Bread Men Ingredients 1/2 cup butter 1 cup soft brown sugar 1/3 cup …

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