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7 Fun Activities You Can Plan With Your Girlfriends

Women friendships

Spending quality time with your closest girlfriends is one of life’s greatest pleasures that cannot be matched by anything else. These instances of shared experience will forever remain ingrained in our memories. You have compiled a list of seven pleasant activities that appeal to various interests and tastes to assist …

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3 Ways To Help A Bereaved Friend

Bereaved friend

It’s hard watching someone you care about experience loss. It’s even harder not knowing what to say or do to help ease their pain. But you don’t have to feel helpless. Here are three ways you can comfort a friend going through grief and loss. Acknowledge Your Friend and Their …

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7 Tips To Make Friends As A New Mom

Mom friends laughing

Losing friends during pregnancy and motherhood is sometimes part of the deal. You don’t talk often because you don’t have the luxury of time you had before your child. This often leads to losing connection with friends. But being a new mom isn’t a piece of cake. You wish to …

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How Buddy Benches Help Kids Build Social Skills

Buddy bench

In primary school, your child is not only learning language and mathematics; he is also acquiring valuable skills on how to socially interact with other children his age. Unlike knowledge that can be studied alone, social skills need to be practised with others. Teaching children to deal with people is …

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