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The New Great Tasting Grape Flavour, Panado®’s Latest Paediatric Range Addition

Mother baby bond

Panado® has expanded their paediatric range with a new Grape flavour syrup,1 designed to help relieve pain and fever in children.1 As a trusted2 name in South Africa, Panado® knows that parents want convenient and great tasting products for their children. That’s why our new Grape flavour is colourant-free, tartrazine-free, alcohol-free, …

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Home Care Tips To Manage Your Child’s Fever

Manage Your Child's Fever

Loving our kids is easy… keeping pain and fever at bay? That’s harder. But here’s the secret: It doesn’t have to be! When your baby or infant has a fever, turn to conveniently packaged Panado® Paediatric Syrup, Peppermint 5 ml Sachets. Parenting is a rollercoaster. One minute you’re pacing from room to …

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10 Early Signs of Lupus

10 Early Signs Of Lupus

Lupus is a chronic disease that affects your immune system, it can affect any part of the body. When someone has Lupus it means that your body cannot tell the difference between your body’s healthy tissues and foreign invaders. The result of this is that your body creates autoantibodies that attack your …

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Thermometer Types and Temperatures: A Guide for Parents


The easiest way to measure your child’s temperature is with a digital thermometer. These are available at most pharmacies. There are other types of thermometers, including the mercury-in-glass type, digital, ear thermometers, and pacifier type thermometers. Some glass thermometers contain mercury, which is toxic – do not use a glass …

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