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12 Baby Bonding Tips for New Dads

Dad kissing newborn baby

Research has shown that babies recognise familiar sounds or voices from when they are still in the womb. They can distinguish between their parents’ and strangers’ voices from about 30 weeks of pregnancy. Why is it important for babies to bond with their Dads? If Dads think that their level …

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An Apology To Dads

An apology to dads

As I watched this video by Kristina Kuzmic giving an apology to dads I was nodding my head furiously, I am so guilty of all of these things and I know I am but I just struggle to let go. Maybe it is a woman thing, but hats of to …

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Laughing Quadruplets

quadruplets laughing

Oh my gosh this video is just too gorgeous of this daddy getting his quadruplets to laugh. The sound of one baby laughing is enough to make me giggle and these four put together will certainly put a smile on anyone’s face.

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9 Dads Who Dominate At Parenting

9 Dads who dominate at parenting

Oh my gosh I loved this video showing dads with their kids. The first one was so special because daddy didn’t know he was being filmed at all and he was just having fun with his child. It is beautiful and heartwarming to see dads having such special moments with …

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4 Reasons Dads Don’t Really Matter

4 Reasons dads don't really matter

Kristina Kuzmic raises some more really valid points in her typical sarcastic manner about dads and how they “don’t matter”. I love the way she always manages to bring across her points in such a strong and fun way. Nice one Kristina, because here in our house dad matters and …

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