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Kaspersky Smart Home Security: The Company Announces New Product To Protect Connected Devices At Home

Smart Home Security Device

Kaspersky has announced the release of a new solution – Kaspersky Smart Home Security. The new approach will help telecom operators respond to growing consumer demand for the protection of smart home devices. It provides comprehensive protection against a wide range of possible threats – device breakdowns, malicious attacks, covert …

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Phishing On Messenger Apps – What’s New?

Messenger apps

Anonymised data, voluntarily provided by Kaspersky Internet Security for Android users, has shown which messenger apps are the most popular among phishing scammers. The biggest share of detected malicious links between December 2020 and May 2021 were sent via WhatsApp (84.9%), followed by Telegram (5.7%). Viber is in third place with a …

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The era of targeted ransomware: South Africa ranked 3rd in highest number of users encountering targeted ransomware attacks


From 2019 to 2020, the number of Kaspersky users encountering targeted ransomware – malware used to extort money from high-profile targets, such as corporations, government agencies, and municipal organisations – increased by 767%. This increase in targeted ransomware occurred alongside a 29% decrease in the overall number of users affected …

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With 1 Billion Registered Mobile Money Accounts, Kaspersky Stresses The Importance Of Keeping Your Mobile Wallet Safe

Mobile Wallet

With more than $1.9 billion processed daily and over one billion registered accounts globally, mobile money is a massive industry. With strong growth coming from Africa, many analysts consider the region to be the epicentre of the global market. PayPal’s recent announcement that it will expand its Xoom money transfer service to more countries on the …

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One In Ten Gamers Have Had Their ID Stolen

Boy Gaming

Over a tenth of gamers globally (12%, or 179 million1 globally) have had their ID stolen – which could be worth as much as $347bn2 globally. In South Africa, 9.6% of gamers have had their ID stolen. This is according to global research by Kaspersky, which has also provided simple tips to help gamers avoid …

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More Privacy Control For All With TinyCheck Tool

more privacy control

To increase privacy control over users’ data, two Kaspersky experts have combined the results of their research and upgraded the openly available TinyCheck tool. Initially developed as a stalkerware detection tool for service organisations working with victims of domestic violence, TinyCheck now also offers help to uncover all types of geo-tracking apps. …

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For 12% Of SA Consumers, Social Ratings Come At A Cost

Social Media

Kaspersky’s latest report, Social credits and security: embracing the world of ratings, has uncovered that 12% of South African consumers surveyed have experienced issues accessing financial services because of an assessment of their social media information by scoring systems. While such social scoring systems have become more widespread and are already implemented in …

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