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For Your Eyes Only: Near Four-in-five South African Consumers Have Tried To Remove Private Information From Websites Or Social Media

Personal Information Online

New Kaspersky research has found that consumers around the world want to take more action to protect and maintain control over their personal privacy. As revealed in the company’s latest report, Defending digital privacy: taking personal protection to the next level, consumers are becoming more aware of where their personal data …

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Kaspersky Shares 10 Tips For Zoom Security And Privacy

Online meeting

With social distancing and quarantine measures implemented around the globe, people quickly started searching for effective means of communicating with each other. With its reported ease of use and attractive pricing, Zoom quickly rose in popularity. With so much use, Zoom’s flaws came rapidly to light. The company handled the …

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5 Top Cyber Safety Concerns and How NetNation Can Protect Your Family

Father daughter online

Irrespective if you’re using the internet for school, work or entertainment, it’s vital to keep yourself, your family as well as your personal information safe.  Netnation understands the importance of online safety and strives to create a safer cyber experience for families. ***Disclosure – This post is sponsored by NetNation.co.za***  …

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6 Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Woman spending online credit card

Online shopping has made buying clothes, gadgets, and even consumer goods easier for most people. However, accompanying this significant benefit are forms of cyber attacks such as credit card fraud, stolen identities, malware, and ransomware. These alarming issues may raise some concerns, but you can keep your personal and financial …

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How To Keep Your Teenager Safe Online

‘What in the world were you thinking?’, ‘How could you post that?’, ‘I wasn’t expecting that from you.’ these are some of the sentences you often say to your young ones when they do something stupid or totally outrageous. When we were teens, our parents had to deal with problems …

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