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Immunotherapy Medication Offers More Treatment Options For More Cancers – New Immunotherapy Treatment Covers A Range Of Cancer Indications

Worldwide cancer is the second leading cause of death with around one in six deaths due to cancer.1 In 2018, approximately 9.6 million people died due to cancer.1 In South Africa, the burden of cancer continues to grow with cancer (neoplasm) ranked as the second leading cause of death in South Africa …

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Breast Cancer Awareness with optiphi® Helix – Know your risk

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is International Breast Cancer Month and the ideal time to be focusing and spreading  awareness of the potential risk factors that can assist in delaying age-related diseases and  possible genetic predisposition to cancers, enhancing the overall wellness and vitality of women  and men with optiphi® Helix. Skin Rejuvenation Technologies, …

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Early Breast Cancer Treatment In Germany

The statistics collected by the World cancer research fund demonstrates that breast cancer remains to be the most common form of oncology in women and the second most common cancer overall. Due to high risk factor alertness and extensive prevention measures, Germany is on the 20th line in the world’s …

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