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Tips on How to Travel With a Breastfeeding Baby

Travel Breastfeed

If you’re a breastfeeding mom, you know the benefits. Breast milk is nature’s perfect food nutritionally, and nursing is more convenient, cheaper, and has health benefits for you as well such as a lower risk of breast and ovarian cancer. But if you’re planning your first trip away from home, …

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How To Wean Baby Off Breast

Toddler Girl Drinking Bottle Formula

Whether you want to wean baby off breast onto the bottle or to start solids it can come with some difficulty as well as be emotionally trying for both mommy and baby. Many mothers choose to let their baby self-wean however there may be many reasons why you want your …

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8 Tips For Breastfeeding With Flat Nipples

Mother and baby cuddling bonding

Not all women have nipples of the same shape or size. Some are inverted, flat, or pull into breasts which can make breastfeeding problematic for these moms. There are factors that affect whether nipples protrude, are inverter, or lie flat. The density of your connective tissues underneath your nipples, the …

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7 Best Birth Control Methods For Breastfeeding Mothers

Family Planning

Some moms might be under the impression that nursing alone is effective birth control, however, this is not entirely true. In this post we will be sharing best birth control breastfeeding options, that you might not know about.  Breastfeeding does lower the probability of conceiving if you are nursing exclusively. …

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14 Snacks Breastfeeding Moms Should Be Eating

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

If you are breastfeeding, you are the sole source of nutrition that your baby will get during his first few months after birth. If your diet is not packed with the right nutrients, your baby will suffer by not getting the nourishment he needs. By including healthy snacks breastfeeding moms …

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4 Surprising Things To Expect After Giving Birth

Just given birth

Pregnancy and birth are amazing experiences that take a toll on your body and your mind. A lot of expecting mothers research what will happen during their pregnancy, charting where they are week by week watching for exciting milestones like their baby’s first kick or hiccup. Expecting couples usually take …

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11 Ways To Keep Baby Awake During Breastfeeding

Mom and sleepy newborn

Newborns are super sleepy in the first few weeks. Keeping them awake for a full feeding is important for their optimal growth initially. Read on to find out ways to keep baby awake during breastfeeding. What is wrong with a baby falling asleep while breastfeeding? After all, it is the …

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5 Things No-one Tells You About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Mom

There’s no doubt about it, breastfeeding is fantastic for your baby and for you too. If you are about to start out on your breastfeeding journey there are some things that you may not be prepared for because these are not things that many people talk about. So here are …

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6 Things You Should Know About Breastfeeding

Mother nursing newborn baby

One of the big choices each new mother needs to make is how to feed her baby – bottle or breast? Here are some things you need to know about breastfeeding to make the best choice. ***Disclosure -The links in this post may contain affiliate links and I may receive a …

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6 Dietary Considerations For Breastfeeding Moms

Mother breastfeeding

Breastfeeding your baby is a great opportunity not only to provide your baby with nutrition but also to bond with your baby. Pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding all take a toll on a new mother, so it is essential to make sure you get in the best nourishment. Fresh fruits and …

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Foods and Drinks To Avoid When Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding baby

Foods with strong flavors may change the taste of your milk and in general babies enjoy a variety of flavors when it comes to breast milk. When you’re pregnant your baby tastes the dominant flavors in your diet and when you’re nursing they may be accustomed to those flavors already. …

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8 Helpful Nursing Tips For New Moms

Congrats on your new baby mommy! If you’re starting a new breastfeeding journey, these tips can be helpful with the process. Avoiding comparisons Each nursing relationship between a Mom and baby is different. Every woman’s body is different, and some woman may have more milk supply while other may have …

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