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How Many Times a Day Should You Wash Your Face?

There is nothing as nice as a clean, fresh face. After a proper wash, the skin feels softer and moister, but how often should you be washing your face in a 24-hour period? Is there any evidence that doing so more often or not at all is better for your …

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How To Ensure That Your Makeup Base Lasts Long?

makeup product

When you look at foundations for your face, you could come across hundreds of options. Hence, choosing the right one is not easy. It calls for having the right kind of information and knowledge. We are pleased to share some useful and pertinent information when it comes to having the …

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Do these to get the “No Make Up” Make Up Look!

Natural Beauty

The “no makeup” or nude make up look will forever remain fashionable and in vogue. May be it’s because of its sublime and demure effect, or maybe  because the nude make up is popular amongst celebrities and super stars, whatever the reason, the “no make up” make up will never …

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Some Simple Beauty Tips To Help You Look Stellar

Beautiful woman smiling

Beauty isn’t just something you are born with, it’s something that you have to nurture and care for throughout your life. Depending on how you take care of the natural gift that has been given to you, you will be able to collect the rewards as time passes on. Here …

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Best Dark Under Eye Circles Home Remedy

Dark under eye circles home remedy

Dark circles under the eyes are a very common problem. As we grow older, and the skin gets thinner, the dark circles tend to be more visible. However there are also relatively young people who have dark circles beneath their eyes. The cause could be due to allergies, sleep deprivation, …

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DIY Hand and Foot Treatments

DIY hand and foot treatments

Finding the time and finances to go for a professional hand and foot treatment may be tricky for a lot of women, so here is a way to get around that with a DIY hand and foot treatment. It is so possible to give yourself or someone special a treat …

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