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5 Symptoms of Tooth Decay to Look Out For

Cavities are holes or decay in the hard surface of the tooth. Tooth decay is recorded as the most common health condition in 2017 with more than 500 million children suffering from it.

Tooth cavities happen over time and sometimes do not get noticed by the individual until the damage has been done. This is why this article will tell you the causes of tooth decay and the symptoms to look out for in cases of tooth decay.

5 Symptoms Of Tooth Decay

Causes Of Tooth Decay

There are four primary causes of tooth decay:

  • Frequent consumption of food and sugary substances: When food frequently gets stuck in between the teeth, it can gradually decay and cause cavities in the tooth. Sugary and cold substances also weaken the teeth and cause holes in the gums.
  • Bacteria build-up: The accumulation of bacteria in the mouth causes plaque which can gradually break down the enamel. As the breakdown of the enamel begins, it exposes the teeth to openings and decay of the teeth.
  • Poor Oral hygiene: When food gets stuck in between the teeth and plaque covers the teeth, if good oral hygiene is put in place, tooth decay is unlikely. Tooth decay can be prevented by brushing your teeth regularly for the stipulated amount of time
  • No/ Irregular Dental Appointment: If you do not have regular dental check up, you might be caught unaware by the time you realize you have a tooth cavity. Set up regular dental appointments to prevent tooth diseases.

Symptoms Of Tooth Decay

  1. Toothache

This is the most obvious symptom. Even though there might be times when you get toothaches because of consumption of cold substances, when you notice  a regular pattern of toothache, it is time to see your dentist Ballan.

  1. Gum Problems

The gums can bleed when you brush too hard or use unsuitable brushes for your teeth. But you consistently notice bleeding or swollen gum, this might be a sign of tooth decay.

  1. Tooth Stain

Tooth stains might at first come out as bright white, then as time goes on, it gets darker. Tooth stain appears on the tooth surface and might not be noticed if you do not do a thorough teeth check.

  1. Sensitive Tooth

When you start noticing unusual and regular reactions to hot or cold foods in the form of sharp and intense pain, it might be the hole in your teeth reacting.

  1. Bad Breath

Bad breath might be normal after waking up or shutting your mouth for a while, but it can be eliminated with good oral health. If you keep noticing a foul smell from your mouth, even after brushing your teeth, it can be a symptom of tooth decay.

If tooth decay goes on untreated, you might experience difficulty chewing food, pus from decayed teeth, severe toothache and other fatal complications. The only treatment for severe tooth decay might be the removal of the decayed tooth.

So, when you notice any of the above symptoms, make an appointment with your dentist before it becomes life-threatening. Have good dental hygiene and pay a visit to your dentist at least twice a year.

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  1. Is there any dentist that clean teeth and remove the stains? I cleaned mine the n I realized that I still had those marks

    • I’m sure many dentists offer cleaning of stained teeth! I saw at my dentist that they offer teeth whitening. I am booked for a cleaning and polishing next week but I don’t think that helps much with stain removal and whitening, it is more about oral care.

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