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Sweatcoin Review – Can You Really Get Paid To Walk?

There is a huge hype online about Sweatcoin, the app that pays you to walk. But does it live up to the hype? I’ve been using Sweatcoin for over 6 months and learnt quite a bit about it, read my Sweatcoin review to learn more.

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Sweatcoin Review - Can you really get paid to walk?

What Is Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is a free app that rewards you with Sweatcoin for the steps that you take. You can then cash out your Sweatcoin for offers available in the app.

You need to download Google Fit and connect them, as this is the way that they monitor your steps.

You can follow your members on Sweatcoin and you can choose to share your step count with members that follow you.

Sweatcoin Daily Double Boost

There is a Daily 2x boost that you can activate every day where you earn double Sweatcoin for 20 minutes each day. You can also earn more Sweatcoin every day by claiming the 3 daily rewards. You watch an ad for each reward and win an amount of Sweatcoin.

Sweatcoin Daily Rewards

Sweatcoin Daily Rewards

You earn one Sweatcoin for every 1000 steps (less a 5% transaction fee) and you will earn Sweatcoin for your first 10 000 steps every day. If you want to earn unlimited Sweatcoin from steps you can sign up for their Premium account.

How To Cash Out Sweatcoin Offers

When you have enough Sweatcoin you can cash out offers that are available on the app. You click on the offer and claim it. You then have to fill out a form and they tell you that your offer will be sent to you. Once you have done that you will receive a confirmation email that you have claimed the offer and that you will get another email later on to claim your offer. When you receive the second email they give you a code which you then have to enter into the app to claim your offer.

The process is rather long-winded, complicated, and confusing.

Are The Offers Worth It?

There are not a lot of offers available on the app and a lot of them are not that enticing, however, I’ve seen offers for Amazon gift cards, eBay vouchers, Nike vouchers, Netflix vouchers, and a few others that looked good.

Some of the offers are digital and others are physical products. Some offers are not for 100% free products, but rather discounts on purchases. Claiming physical offers is not really worthwhile when you are in South Africa since you still have to pay shipping costs and you most likely have to pay import taxes on top of that since the products come from overseas.

Sweatcoin Influencer

Can You Earn Cash With Sweatcoin?

When I first heard about Sweatcoin I got the impression you could earn cash with it. This is not entirely true. You can earn money through Paypal, but this is only for referring people. You earn 5 Sweatcoins for every person you refer to Sweatcoin and you can get paid via Paypal for these referrals. However if you claim the amount in Paypal they also deduct the 5 Sweatcoins for each referral.

Sweatcoin earn USD

If you want to earn cash through Sweatcoin you have to refer people. When I first joined there was an option to earn R130 for referring 30 people and once I achieved that I was invited to be an influencer and earn in USD. There are different cash out amounts available.

Sweatcoin Causes

Sweatcoin Challenges And Causes

There are monthly 250k step challenges you can join and if you complete the challenge and get in your 250k steps for the month you get 25 Sweatcoin and you are entered into a giveaway to win a prize. The November 2022 prize is 1 of 2 $250 Amazon vouchers.

There are also community challenges (causes) where members sign to reach a certain amount of steps together. When the goal is reached Sweatcoin donates to that cause.

You can also donate Sweatcoin to causes.

Transferring Sweatcoins

You can send Sweatcoin to another member you are friends with in app by clicking on their name in your friends list and choosing “send”, then you specify the amount you want to send.

I asked some of my friends to transfer some Sweatcoins to me for an offer for free Netflix, and to test out this function. However, when I had enough Sweatcoin for the offer and tried to claim it I got a notification that I could not use transferred Sweatcoin to claim the offer. This makes me wonder what the purpose is of being able to transfer Sweatcoin if you can’t use them.

Perhaps some offers you can use transferred Sweatcoin and not others but I have not bothered with transferring Sweatcoin again.

SWEAT crypto prize draws

What Is SWEAT Crypto?

Sweatcoin recently launched SWEAT crypto where you earn SWEAT when you earn Sweatcoins. You can sign up for this through the Sweatcoin App and download the SWEAT Wallet app to access your SWEAT crypto.

I’m not into cryptocurrency and in all honesty I don’t understand how it all works. It seems like a complete scam to me. However, since it is free and I don’t have to do anything other than sign up to SWEAT to earn I signed up. You earn SWEAT for your first 5000 steps every day.

Within the SWEAT Wallet you can check your balance, transfer SWEAT, buy SWEAT and grow your SWEAT by putting it away in a jar to earn up to 12% per annum.

It does not appear that you can do anything with your SWEAT within the app other than pay SWEAT to enter giveaways. There is no way that I can see to actually get cash from your SWEAT or buy anything. I did some research online and apparently if you search you may be able to find someone willing to buy your SWEAT but it sounds like a lot of effort to go to and I’m not sure who would be willing to buy SWEAT.

In my eyes this makes it pretty useless to me. While I do love giveaways they should always be 100% free to join, having to pay SWEAT to enter a competition is bad form in my opinion.

Sweatcoin Premium Costs

What Does Sweatcoin Premium Cost And What Do You Get?

Sweatcoin Premium costs R179.99 per year or R47.99 per month. Premium members earn unlimited Sweatcoin for walking, earn double Sweatcoins for 1000 steps, enjoy early access to offers (offers first become available to Premium members before free members), earn more SWEAT with a higher minting cap (6000 steps cap), and if you donate Sweatcoin for Good it is doubled.

There is a 7 day free trial, which I signed up for to try out but I canceled before the trial ended so that I could try out the free plan for a decent period of time to write this review. I plan on going Premium soon so I can take advantage of the early offers. I love buying from Amazon so I would love to claim some Amazon gift cards.

Sweatcoin Customer Service

I’ve attempted to contact Sweatcoin customer service a number of times, however, only once with any joy. The first few times I received no response at all other than an automated response. I contacted them to ask them questions about the influencer program and find out more information on how to cash out and claim offers because I got thoroughly confused. I never received any answers on those queries and had to figure them out myself.

The last time I contacted Sweatcoin was because I accidentally deleted the very important email (that says DO NOT DELETE) for my SWEAT wallet and could not access my SWEAT wallet. They assisted me with resetting this and getting access.

Sweatcoin Pros And Cons


  • It is 100% free with a paid option for those who want to get more from it
  • You can use it without internet (except for the daily rewards and daily double boost)
  • You don’t have to do anything to earn Sweatcoin other than install the app and keep your phone o you when you move
  • You can claim offers on the website
  • You can earn cash from referrals
  • There are ways to earn extra Sweatcoin every day (daily bouble boost and daily rewards)
  • It motivates you to move more
  • You can send and receive Sweatcoin from other members
  • You can take part in fun challenges and work together to support causes
  • You can donate Sweatcoin to causes
  • You can also earn SWEAT crypto


  • Offers go very quickly and are snapped up first by Premium members
  • Offers for physical products come with a delivery charge to South Africa as well as possible import charges
  • The app can be quite buggy and sometimes must be opened and closed a few times to work properly
  • The process for claiming offers is complicated and takes a long time
  • You can only earn for walking and slow jogging, fast jogging and cycling does not earn you Sweatcoin
  • SWEAT crypto only offers prize draws in exchange for SWEAT
  • If you contact customer service you may or may not get a response

My Sweatcoin Review Summary

Honestly I really enjoy Sweatcoin. It is a great concept and I love seeing my Sweatcoin adding up as I exercise. It motivates me to move more.

I managed to make enough Sweatcoins to claim the Netflix offer it said it was low in stock and if there was stock available they would send it to me. Instead they sent me $10 via Paypal saying it had run out. I really wanted that free Netflix but at least I know that they do pay out and its not a scam.

While most of the offers on the app don’t interest me much I have seen some amazing offers such as Amazon gift cards. However, every time I’ve seen a great offer it has been sold out already. I believe that if you want to claim good offers you will need to get Sweatcoin Premium so that you have early access. Clearly the good offers are snapped up by Premium members before free members get a chance to claim them. I am planning on going Premium soon, but I first wanted to thoroughly check out review the free side of the app for a while so I could share how it works.

The monthly challenges are fun and I enjoy joining in the causes. It has a lovely feeling of community.

I don’t feel that the SWEAT crypto offers anything of value, and if you want to make cash from Sweatcoin you will need to refer people.

The customer service at Sweatcoin is very disappointing, for an app that is so popular and widely used I would expect that they would attend to all queries but that is clearly not the case. If my experience is anything to go by expect to be disappointed if you try and contact them for assistance.

Take note that this app only monitors walking steps and slow jogging. I’ve tried fast running and cycling and my steps weren’t counted. You can only use Sweatcoin with your phone, it does not work on fitness apps.

You don’t have to be connected to the internet to have your steps count, once you go online again it will add your steps. However, you do have to be online to do the daily rewards and the daily double boost.

If you walk a lot and enjoy exercising it is worth signing up and earning Sweatcoin. It costs you nothing and you don’t have to do anything to earn other than walk like you usually do. It monitors steps while you are indoors too, and you will be surprised how many steps you rack up doing your grocery shopping, running after kids, doing chores, and walking to the kettle for some coffee. Just remember to keep your phone with you when you are pottering around.

Click here to sign up for Sweatcoin.

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