Stash – Liberty’s Awesome Savings App Makes Saving Easy & Fun For Everyone!

Have you come across Liberty’s awesome saving app, Stash? If you haven’t then I seriously suggest you have a look at it.

*** UPDATE 20 July 2020 – the way that Liberty Stash works has changed – please check my new Liberty Stash post for the correct information ***

How Stash works is it will round off all your shopping to the nearest R10, R20, R30 or any amount that you put in your settings. Then when you go shopping it will round your expense and put the difference into your Stash account.

Don’t worry though if for some reason you can’t afford to stash that rounded off amount, all those amounts will show in your history and you will have 24 hours to cancel that amount from being stashed!

You can also set it to Stash an amount at the end of every month and it will also ask you if you want to Stash some money when it appears it is safe to.You can confirm or just ignore that.

You can set it to stash money on a sunny day and the app will check the weather where you are and if it is sunny it will ask you if you want to stash some money. Once again it will ask you permission before doing it.

The last option you have is to Stash your sweat. You can download the Google Fit app and then connect the two apps. You can then stash money when you exercise and reward yourself for your healthy lifestyle.

Stash then invests your savings into top companies in South Africa, giving you the opportunity to earn more on your savings.

If you want to grab R50 right now, click here to edownload the app and enter my code LYN3518 – you will get R50 added to your Stash account and I will get R10 added to mine.

You can then share your Stash code with your friends and family, giving them each R50 to kickstart their savings and you will get R10 for each person that signs up using your code! Just note that this is up to 100 referrals – so you can earn up to R1000 just for telling people about this app!

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  1. This sounds really good – went to download the app but it says “not available in your country” – Would love to know where I live 😛
    Will have a look when i get home this evening 🙂 Thanks again for sharing @lynne – Every little bit helps 🙂

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