Stand Up Paddle Board-Should You Purchase Or Take On Rent?

Different sports arose in the late 90s and one of them is the standup paddle boarding. This sport has gained a lot of fame during the past decade and as a result improved and much better boards are now seen. We cannot say that this is the most famous water sports but it would not be wrong to say that it is gaining popularity with every passing day! Many people are fond of this sport and are actually pursuing their career in it. Some take it as fun and just enjoy this as a weekend activity. For such persons, stand up paddle board rental is a good thing to consider.

What Standup Paddle Board Actually Is? 

The standup paddle board is actually a mixture of canoeing and surfing. It can be enjoyed on lakes and sea. Both have different type of fun and can be differentiated by the movement of waves. You can enjoy it on the flat lake to enjoy the weekend at its max! This would be less risky as well and would require less perfection. If you are a onetime surfer, you can hire the board on rent from a good standup paddle board rental service.

Purchase Or Take On Rent? 

There are certain things that you need to consider before making the final decision about this sport. Initially it is advisable not to buy your own board because you might not initially know the right type of board for you. There are plenty of boards available and the selection would be a tough job for a newbie. These boards not only vary on the basis of designs but also there are plenty of qualities and a new person would not be able to assess the quality of the board. At first step, you should take services from a standup paddle board rental.

Visit a standup paddle board in your area and look for different types of the boards. You can ask the salesman for what boards are best for the newbies. The initial board would be for your first lessons and that should always be taken on rent. If you want to get the best board, the proper way is to try different boards made by different manufacturers and experience them to get to the best thing available in the market that suits you best.

Professional Boarding: 

If you are a professional and you have to cover a longer distance than normal, then the size, shape and brand would matter. The two purposes of boarding are to cover distance or surf on the waves. The type of the board would depend on the purpose you are taking it. These boards are normally 4 to 5 inch in thickness and around 10 feet long. There are some boards that are for dual purpose but such boards are expensive than normal and fall somewhere around the bracket of $1,000 and $1500. If you are not a professional, then an advice must be taken before spending such a big amount.

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