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Spend Less Time on Household Chores and More Time with Baby

There is always a list of things we need to do, endless chores and errands to run. Throw a baby into the mix and you have full on hectic. We wonder sometimes how we will ever get things done, we start to fret and stress which tends to lead to panic. What we need to do is learn to be more efficient so that we are able to get things done and still enjoy life, especially if we have a new baby in the mix. Those wee ones tend to take up a lot of time and attention and of course, you want to spend as much time with them as you can. So, let’s talk efficiency and how can we spend less time on chores and more time with our little bundles.

Spend Less Time On Household Chores and More Time With Baby


Kitchen organization is the biggest tip that I can give anyone. The more organized we are in life, generally, the smoother things run. You know where things should go, you don’t waste time trying to find something and usually, you will spend less time cleaning things up when you know where to put them and are not trying to guess where the best spot should be. I have found that where things are is also very important. Think of the things that you use the most, put them in places that make it easier to grab so that you’re not wasting your time digging through cupboards. You’ll save time and you’ll know where to find your things.

Beautiful Kitchen

Living Space

Next, to your kitchen, your living room tends to be the most used space in the house, and for some families, it is the top used space, so keep it simple. The more use of a room means the more dust and the more cleaning, so keep things in there to a minimum. Simplify the décor so there are fewer things to clean. A clean open space is a perfect spot for kids. Choose furniture with storage such as an ottoman that opens. Have friends coming over and need to tidy fast, toss your odds and ins inside and close it up. Just don’t forget to put them in the right place after.


Some of the chores we have outside can take a lot of time, so we want to be as efficient as we can be. Have wood to chop and split? Call over some friends and make a fun game out of it. Treat it as your workout for the day so you aren’t trying to do chores, go to the gym and spend time with the baby. Now when it comes to the winter time, shoveling snow can take a really long time, so if you can, use a snow blower, but hey we are trying to save time right, so do so by using a dual stage snow blower. I truly believe the world is about finding a way to do things more efficiently every day and hey, I will not fight that process as I could use some spare time myself.

Carrying folded laundry


The great thing about laundry is it truly is a multi-task chore. You can quickly toss on a load and walk away, get another three or four things done by the time your load is finished, switch it over to the dryer and go again. Speed things up a little bit by making sure you have the correct detergent for your washer, some detergents can make the process faster but also if your clothes are really messy, sometimes a second wash is needed, make the first one count with a quality detergent. Another great tip I have learned is to have three bins for sorting my clothes and not just one huge one. One for Whites, colors and towels/sheets. I find this makes throwing on a load quick and efficient and you don’t have to waste more time sorting.

Kids Room

We all know how messy kids rooms can be and playrooms for that matter. Staying organized is truly the best thing you can do for these rooms. Have colored bins for the toys, create an ‘animal cage’ for the stuffed animals and make putting them away into a fun game. If your room is organized efficiently, then the tidying can run so much smoother and you can even have the kids help you, thus spending time with them and getting a chore done.


The best thing I have ever learned in life is that great organization makes for easy work. So, get organized, stop wasting so much time on chores and spend more time with your baby. If you can’t get organized yourself, look into hiring a professional. Extra time means more time for fun.

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  1. I totally agree Lynne. Getting your priorities straight and spending more time with your kids is vital. Thank you for the article.

  2. I have a helper twice a week to do the heavy work, somehow there are still chores to do every other day. You’re 100% correct about being organized. There are days when my baby is really fussy and refuses day naps and i find myself panicking to wash and sterilize his bottles yet i have four bottles, and then to do his washing which i have been dealing with peeing through the diaper issue and having to leave him down somewhere or putting him in a bouncer hoping he won’t cry because he hates being left down. I found that being organized has helped me a lot.

  3. Oh wow the laundry part got me. The room next to the kitchen, the kids sometimes tend to think it’s a play room. I’m mostly in that, what if someone comes around then I have to jump around… The worst…

  4. Getting organised is very important to me. The past few weeks I have also thought of getting someone in to help with these chores, as I really need the spare time.

  5. j couldnt have said this better, i always try to give my baby attention whenever i can. Especially while doing chores at home, i ask her to help me lol even if she doesnt do it correctly i know i am still spending time wit her

    • It is a great way to get the kids involved and yes they don’t get it right in the beginning but they learn quickly and soon become a real help in the home!

  6. Wonderful thank you for this.

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