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7 Reasons Why You Need Socks With Rubber Soles For Babies

Numerous parents are faced with the same questions when it comes to baby shoes. Is it necessary to buy shoes for babies? If so, what type would be recommended? The answer is simple. Babies do not need shoes to learn how to walk. In fact, it is better for them to stay barefoot, as it is beneficial for developing strong foot muscles and to start walking sooner as opposed to wearing shoes. The reason being, their forefoot becomes more flexible and mobile than it would be with a shoe.

Babies grow at a rapid pace in their first year. While each child may grow at his or her own rate, the average growing rate for one-year old boys and girls are as follows. Eight inches per month, and by the end of their first year, they would have tripled their birth weight. It doesn’t make sense to buy shoes because they would outgrow them rather quickly.

Socks on the other hand, might be all your little one needs. Today, we will be looking at the advantages of baby socks with rubber soles.

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7 Reasons Why You Need Socks With Rubber Soles For Babies

  • For Warmth

If your baby tends to enjoy the outdoors, baby socks with rubber soles can keep their little feet warm and protected.

  • For Protection Against Infection

It can offer protection from foot fungi or infections like athlete’s foot which tend to spread in public areas. If babies wear socks in public areas, it can lower the chances of developing infections.

  • For Protection Against Injury

Socks with rubber soles for babies help to prevent injury as a result from harsh objects. Socks with silicone soles can offer excellent protection against small rocks and other tiny objects they may step in while exploring.

  • Prevention Against Slipping

Socks with grippers offer better traction which lower the chances of your baby or toddler slipping or falling.

  • For Comfort

Baby socks with rubber soles are a comfortable choice as a substitute for shoes since it allows the baby’s feet and toes to move freely. They are not restricting movement when they start learning to walk. It will also prevent blisters from forming when their toes are cramped too tightly in their shoes.

  • For Stability

Socks with rubber soles are ideal for babies who are learning to walk. The grippers on the sole will help them feel more stable when they walk.

  • A Stylish Alternative 

There is a broad selection of socks with rubber soles for babies on the market. Finding a few stylish pairs for when you are out and about with your baby will not be an issue.

What Shoes Are Best For Babies?

If you insist on buying a pair of shoes for your baby, here are some guidelines to follow when shopping for the best pair of shoes.

  •  Opt for shoes that are made from either soft leather or cloth. These materials will permit your baby’s feet to breathe and usually have a flexible rubber or non-skid sole.
  • Avoid buying shoes with high-tops that restrict ankle movement when your little one starts walking.
  • There should always be half-inch of room for baby’s toes since babies ten to outgrow their shoes every two months.
  • Avoid shoes with too much heel since it can get caught on obstacles when your baby or toddler walks.
  • It is best to choose shoes with Velcro instead of laces when you shop for toddler or baby shoes. This way you don’t have to retie their laces all day long.
  • Do not select shoes with detachable decorations that could be a choking hazard.
  • It is not a good idea to use hand-me-down shoes since shoes must be broken into a child’s individual feet.
  • Baby shoes must be flexible and lightweight to avoid foot restriction.
  • Shoes must fit well and not be too tight or too loose.

Socks With Grippers – Jay or Nay?

If your baby is walking barefoot around the home, which is advantageous for healthy foot development, they are going to need socks to keep their feet warm.

Some socks come with grippers at the bottom. Socks with rubber soles (grippers) must only be worn if they are not wearing shoes. The primary reason being that the grippers will only get stuck on the insoles of the shoes, which could prevent your baby’s toes and feet from moving freely.

Toddlers and babies move their toes to exercise their feet. This is why it is so essential for toe movement not to be restricted. If their toes are cramped too tight inside the shoes, it could result in blisters forming.

What Are The Best Fabrics For Baby Socks?

When you are shopping for baby socks, it is essential that you consider the type of fabric they are made of. The fabric will influence both the durability and comfort level of the sock. The most well liked and commonplace material is cotton. While cotton is beneficial for allowing the foot to breathe, it does have a tendency for absorbing moisture, instead of dispelling it. This means that your baby will be walking with socks for prolonged periods that are damp.

Three best sock fabrics are:

  • Acrylic
  • Merino wool
  • Bamboo

These fabrics are great for dispelling moisture and allowing your little one’s feet to remain dry during the day. Seamless socks also come highly recommended for comfort, particularly if your baby has sensitive feet. Another term for seamless socks is hand linked socks.

Some kids feel every lump and bump as soon as they put socks on. In such a case, a pair of seamless socks will go a long way in making them feel more comfortable. Some socks claim to be seamless but are in fact not 100% seamless. Socks that are seamless offer good cushioning, comfort, and will dry quite fast.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Size When Buying Socks

The benefits of wearing baby socks with rubber soles is undeniable. They play an essential role in keeping your baby’s feet healthy. However, if they do not fit comfortably, or are the correct size, chances are good your toddler will refuse to put them on. Buying the correct size in socks is equally important as buying the correct size shoe.

If the socks are too short, they will constrict toe movement which can lead to blisters forming. If they are fitted too long, on the other hand, they will bunch up below your baby’s feet which will be uncomfortable. When shopping for socks, use the same size as their shoe size.

Where To Buy The Best Socks With Rubber Soles For Babies

Finding rubber sole baby socks might seem tricky but there are some great places to find them if you know where to look.

My favourite is buying online, but you can also browse through the malls to see which walk in shops have them available.

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  1. Martie Van Vledder

    Both my boys hate shoes! Even socks, they are always going Barefoot. It’s a struggle to keep their socks on when it’s a cold day.

    • My kids were the same when they were younger! My daughter now happily wears her socks and shoes but my son takes his off the first chance he gets!

  2. I agree with you Lynne, when my kid was born i could hardly find them in the shops but i found some at PNP clothing. i still buy them for her

  3. Monique Delcarme-Adams

    My son’s hated shoes when they were younger. Socks were our saving grace especially in Winter month’s (barefeet on ice cold tiles is what they preferred)

  4. Those are super adorable.
    Thanks for the pointers, my little one never wore shoes only socks now and then. ?

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