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Six Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are veins that are swollen. They are found around the anus, and range in size from as small as a pea to as large as a grape. They can be painful, may bleed, cause discomfort, or itch. Other signs include swelling around the anus or a lump that is sore. It is estimated that three out of four adults will experience hemorrhoids in their lifetime. Hemorrhoids can be found inside the rectum (internal) and under the skin around the anus(external). Sometimes an external hemorrhoid can also form a clot that is very hard and inflamed. These are known as Thromboses hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are very common in pregnancy. They are often an issue as during pregnancy, as constipation is sometimes a problem that many women face. Anyone who has been constipated knows that it can be a rather uncomfortable thing because the body will strain to try to relieve itself.

Hemorrhoids are the most common in the 3rd trimester. As hormonal changes are taking place, the hemorrhoidal vessels swell up. Hemorrhoids can also be a result of chronic diarrhea. Obesity, jobs that require a great deal of sitting, alcoholism, liver disease, heart disease, anal intercourse, and diets high in fat but low in dietary fiber may also cause hemorrhoids to form. They can last a few days to many days. If they are a result of pregnancy, they will most likely last the duration of the pregnancy.

Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

How To Prevent Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be averted by lifestyle changes. High-fiber foods can greatly reduce the likelihood of piles. Having adequate water intake will also help prevent hemorrhoids. If you struggle with drinking water, consider adding fruit to infuse it so it is tastier to drink. Exercise also plays an important part with hemorrhoids as movement will help to keep bowel movements regular.

Top Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids

There are many remedies that can bring fast relief for hemorrhoids. These six home remedies for hemorrhoids can be used on hemorrhoids that are a result of pregnancy.

1. Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is an all-natural astringent that is often used on external hemorrhoids to find relief. It will allow tissues to shrink and is anti-inflammatory. A cotton pad should be moistened with witch hazel, then applied to the hemorrhoid. If for any reason, the hemorrhoid becomes more irritated, cease use of witch hazel.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a wonderful home remedy for hemorrhoids. A bottle should be in every household as it is anti-inflammatory and great for so many different skin issues. It has been known to heal wounds faster, relieve itching, burning, and swelling, and soothe the skin. Just make sure that there are no additives to the Aloe Vera, as this could potentially cause more pain.

3. Sitz Bath

A sitz bath consists of placing a small device found at many pharmacies over your toilet and filling with warm water. This method can be used several times per day for 15 minutes each time. A sitz bath is generally recommended by a doctor as it is very soothing and calming. If there is not a device available, you may place a few inches of warm water in your bathtub and soak your bottom. You may also opt to take a full body bath and add Epsom salts to the water. Many have found great results taking a full body bath after every bowel movement. The warm water will soothe and clean the area while the Epsom salts are wonderful for reducing pain.

4. Epsom Salts and Glycerin

This home remedy can really help to treat painful hemorrhoids. Mix equal amounts of Epsom salt and glycerin. Apply to the affected area with a gauze pad, allowing it to sit on the area for 20 minutes. This method should be repeated every four to six hours until the pain subsides.

5. Cold Compresses

When cold compresses or ice packs are applied over the anus, swelling can be relieved. They can be applied in 15-minute intervals. Those with large hemorrhoids that are extremely painful find great comfort in this. Remember not to apply ice directly to the skin.
Always have the ice pack wrapped in a towel to avoid damage on the skin.

6. Essential Oils

Essential oils work great as a home remedy for hemorrhoids. They have been known to shrink the hemorrhoid, and also provide pain relief as well. Many have found that using essential oils breaks the cycle of them popping up again. Consider trying anyone of the following oils to see the best results:

Tea tree oil – This essential oil is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and has analgesic properties. Mix 2 drops of this oil with one teaspoon of Castor oil, then apply to the affected area with a cotton pad.
Peppermint oil – This oil is antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory. Those that have used peppermint oil have stated it has a soothing property. Mix with Almond or Jojoba oil and apply to the hemorrhoid with a cotton ball or pad.
Lavender oil – Known for its anti-bacterial and analgesic properties, this soothing oil can be mixed with coconut oil and applied over the area for great relief from pain and aggravation.


Hemorrhoids can be painful, not to mention annoying and irritating. If you find yourself suffering from these evil piles, fast treatment is the key to feeling better. Home remedies for hemorrhoids are effective for many, with relief happening shortly after the treatment is applied

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  1. Thank you @Lynne for this article.

    A lot of people are embarrassed when they experience this issue. It is not an often spoken about topic.
    The home remedies you provided are convenient and easy to obtain, many of us keep some of these items in our cupboards currently.

    I don’t personally suffer from hemorrhoids but I do know of a person that recently was experiencing this discomfort. I am not certain if she has overcome the discomfort as yet but I will be in contact with her this weekend where I can pass on these helpful tips to her.

    I love home remedies and life hacks.
    Every time I learn a new one I always share to all I know, who knows, maybe it can help others if not the person reading it.

  2. Thank you Lynne for this article I had this with my first pregnancy was terrible after birth. But this home remedies is awesome thank you for sharing

    • I had them and really suffered I felt so embarrassed to even explain let alone show my husband till I couldn’t take it anymore I ended up showing him and to be honest he wish he has it to take away my uncomfortable pain. Because my fist born didn’t breastfeed 6 months later I had them surgically removed. It was the best decision even. Anyone going through this my heart goes out to you. Take care.
      Great article

  3. Thanks Lynne got this when I gave birth to my daughter that’s 9 years ago.. And still have it

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