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Should You Integrate Your Website With A POS System?

There are lots of benefits attached to integrating your website with a POS system. Below are some of the amazing benefits you stand to gain from integrating your websites.

Should You Integrate Your Website With A POS System?

  1. It Eliminates the Use of Manual Data Entry

Like many other retailers, you are probably running your POS separate from your website. Separating your website from your pos is not ideal for your business.

When there is no communication between systems, problems may begin to arise. You may begin to experience errors within both systems. You may not have enough time to manage and operate separate systems.

The problem arises when you end up duplicating your efforts on both systems. Duplicating your efforts occur when you manually enter incoming online orders. 

Combining reports and adding product descriptions on both systems can be hectic. Transferring inventory from one system to the order may also require duplicating efforts.

It would be great if you could easily upload products to your website using your POS system. With this, you can minimize the level of errors from manually imputing data. Managing inventory for both your website and store can be done better from one place.

The above tasks are possible if you integrate your website with your POS system. Integrating your website with a POS allows you to manage your POS and website as one system. Setting up an automated purchase becomes possible once you have integrated your website. 

Making automated purchase orders will improve restocking time and eliminate manual workload.  Your POS system can automatically send purchase orders to your vendor. This is possible when you have reached a minimum or maximum level. 

You can send automated email campaigns; this can also help you save time. The automated emails depend on the CRM data obtained from your website and store sales.

The data allows you to have a picture of the method in which your customers shop. This allows you to improve your marketing strategy and business structure.

  1. Inventory is Available in Real-Time 

When you manage your website and store inventory with your POS, the operation becomes more efficient. You can quickly and easily move your products from one store to another with real-time inventory. You can also transfer products from your store to your web inventory and vice versa.

Once a product is out of stock on your web or in your store, it is reflected in your database. The reflection occurs in real-time as it helps to prevent angry customers and low stocks. With the integration, you can get real-time reports to help you move products when needed.

The OOS integration allows you to set up auto refills and to keep track of your stock levels. POS integration is helpful if you have many different locations for your business. It helps you carry out inter-store product transfers.

With your minimum and maximum values, you can replenish your inventory automatically. 


  1. Offers Customer Incentives and Cross-Channel Promotions

With cross-channel promotions, you get many strategic ways to increase your product sales. Cross-channel promotions provide numerous methods to expand your customer base. These are some of the important features of cross-channel messaging and promotions.

Your retail system needs to allow you to redeem gift cards, coupons, and loyalty rewards. Your retail system will also allow pricing both on your website and in your store. You can set up your pricing to reflect a change in price on both channels.

You can redeem or accrue loyalty pony both on your website and in your store. You can use your loyalty points to incentivize your customers to shop with both channels.

You can increase your revenue by allowing customers to redeem and purchase gift cards. You can allow your customers to redeem and purchase gift cards online and in-store.

Manually imputing discounts can increase fraud risk and slow down your register. With your POS clerks, you can handle promotions and coupons with ease.

  1. It Offers Pickups and In-Store Returns 

Shoppers now prefer an easy and quick shopping experience thank online evolution. Amazon currently leads the evolution of online shopping in the business and tech industry. 

Many shoppers prefer to obtain their order within an hour of purchase. Most shoppers expect their products to reach them within two days. 

At this point, many big retailing companies use their stirs locations to deliver online orders. Some of the big retailers like Walmart also use their store locator to deliver online purchases.

According to POSQUOTE, By integrating the POS system with your website, you can take advantage of the fulfillment model. You can youse your store as a delivery center for your business.

When you allow your customers to buy products online, you provide more and faster delivery options. You also tend to reduce the shipping costs of the retailers. This integration will boost the customer base of your business.

You can improve your customer satisfaction by allowing customers to return purchased products. Customer satisfaction improves when customers can return online orders to the store. 

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  1. Leverage your Existing Customers and Promote to all your Customer

Based on the knowledge of many big companies, your best customers are those who purchase items through various channels. Shoppers who use multiple channels are the most loyal customers. These customers are the ones who post their orders online and review products on your website. 

Loyal customers are what you need in the current world of business. Merging your POS system and website will help increase customer retention and loyalty. This also helps you increase the efficiency of your cross-channel promotions. 

You can target customers using their brand preferences, interests and buying patterns. This can be done using automated email campaigns. 

With your CRM, you can pull data from the retail channels that customers visit regularly. Some of these retail channels include third-party marketplaces, website, and your POS. Your CRM can also consolidate the email address of your customers.

You can also create personalized campaigns to draw customers to your website and store. This can be done using data from there demographics and past behaviors. 

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