My $3 Set of 20 Makeup Brushes from Wish

One thing about waiting a month or two for your goods to arrive when you have ordered online is that when it finally does come you are so happy to see your purchase!

My set of 20 makeup brushes has just arrived from Wish and I am so happy with them. They are exactly as described and for just $3 including the delivery costs this is such a bargain. It works out to about 40 ZAR.

I was searching in our local mall for sets of makeup brushes but they were all priced at about R300 for a set and that was for much less than 20 brushes!

I’ve been keen to play around with blending eyeshadow and my palette of eyeshadow from Wish arrived a few weeks ago, now I’m all set to go!


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  1. Wish is great and way cheaper am also waiting for my order from them.

  2. I order a boby shaper the one that’s make you sweat while exercise.

  3. It’s my first order am expecting it around 12th November

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