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A Mom’s Guide to Buying Socks Online

Moms know how hard it is to get in a few hours of shopping during a busy week of getting kids to school, going to work, picking kids up from after school activities, cooking dinner, helping with homework and getting housework done.

With all the essential tasks moms must complete in a day, there is rarely time to unwind let alone go to the store!

What happens when your child complains that all their socks have holes in them or are all in the laundry? When you can’t go out and shop, purchasing socks online is the perfect alternative.

It isn’t always easy to find socks that will please each member in your family. Each child has a different style and might need specific socks for some activities.

If you are at your wits end trying to find the perfect socks for your family, check out this guide for some tips to make your online shopping experience a bit easier.

A Mom's Guide To Buying Socks Online

Try to Order in Bundles

Purchasing one pair of socks at a time isn’t the most effective use of time or money. Buying one pair can sometimes be more expensive than a whole pack of socks!

It is more cost effective to find packs of 4 or even 6 pairs so your child can have a pair for almost every day of the week. 

The cost of a pack might average out to less than what you would pay if you were to buy separate pairs, which is a great way to save some money!

Not only will buying a pack of socks be beneficial for your wallet, but it will also help ensure everyone has enough socks before the laundry is completed.

Don’t just settle for one pair when you can get multiple at one time that will be delivered straight to your door.

Check the Shop’s Reviews

There are so many websites that sell their own products, especially for apparel. Some might be connected to a popular land-based store; others could be online-only boutiques.

Making sure the website from which you purchase socks is reputable is an important step in the buying process. 

According to Kaboutjie, the online world is expanding, and there are many websites that offer kid-friendly products. However, not all of them deliver on their products’ promises.

Before entering your credit card information and clicking that tempting “order” button, do a little research about the seller.

Take some time to read the reviews that other buyers left on the products you like. You can probably even find some online reviews of the shop itself!

It is unfortunate that some websites are not as helpful as they might seem, so it is always a good idea to be careful about where you make your purchases. You never know what you are going to get!

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Think of What Your Family Needs Socks For

Different occasions and events require different styles of socks. Athletic socks are quite different from work socks, which are also different from socks meant for daily wear!

Socks for weddings should definitely be a different style from socks for soccer practice, and socks for lounging around the house should look different from socks for going for a run.

Before making any purchase, read the descriptions of each item. Some socks might be more geared toward athletic wear while others could be for the workplace.

If you are in the market for children’s socks, there is probably a bit more wiggle room. Look for fun patterns or pairs that are themed to their favorite cartoon characters. This will make getting dressed in the morning much easier!

Some websites are focused on selling apparel for a specific occasion, so it could help to filter your searches to find a site that specifically sells the style you are looking for.

Getting the socks that your family needs is so important for a successful online shopping trip!

 Keep Up with the Delivery Status

The one tricky part of ordering socks online is waiting for them to arrive. It can be exciting to anticipate that package on your doorstep, but it is also a hassle to have to wait if you are in a crunch.

Some sock sellers charge for shipping, so you definitely want to make sure you are getting the service you pay for. If you pay for two-day delivery, that is what you should receive.

Many sellers offer a way to track your packages so you can see when they are scheduled to arrive and possible delays in the process. Take advantage of this feature so you can be there when your socks arrive.

If possible, try to find sellers that offer free shipping. That way, you are not spending anything more than you would if you were able to get to the store.


Find the Seller that Works Best for Your Family

Not all socks are created equal. The cheaper pairs are more likely to get holes in them, but there is also no need to spend a huge sum of money for a piece of clothing so small.

$6.00 a pair is pretty average for a daily pair of long-lasting socks, but $12.00 is decent for a dressier pair. Buying in packs is an ideal way to save a few dollars when you are buying for many family members.

Another fun feature of some online shops is their tendency to help others. Many companies support a cause to which they donate an amount with every purchase.

You can help your family by purchasing stylish socks and help someone in need in the process!

Try to look for a nice pair or two on websites that don’t charge shipping to really get a steal. Heading to the store for a few pairs of socks is not worth the time of a busy mom. Online is the way to go!

Online shopping can make life a lot easier for any busy family. For something as simple as socks, it is definitely worth doing an online search to find the perfect product!

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