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Simply Bee Heel Balm Review – No More Cracked Heels

Simply Bee Heel Balm tub

Since my teens I’ve struggled with dry, cracked heels every summer so when I find a great product that really helps me with this problem I always get excited. This is why I need to share my Simply Bee Heel Balm review with you. I think something that really exacerbates the problem with my cracked heels is that I am not a fan of shoes, I love flip flops and having my feet open and exposed results in dry, cracked heels.

I bought the Simply Bee Heel Balm from one of our favourite breakfast spots, the Weskus Spens Padstal which is one the West Coast road near the Vredenburg turnoff. . They have an assortment of Simply Bee products available there and I love supporting local businesses. There are a number of places you can get Simply Bee products (just check their website) and they have a shop in Hopefield.

I plan on adding reviews of other Simply Bee products soon so keep your eyes open for those.

The Benefits Of Natural Beeswax

Simply Bee produces natural beeswax products.

Beeswax comes from bees, it is wax from the honeycomb the worker bees produce for storing the honey. Beeswax creates a layer of protection on the skin and it is a humectant (it attracts water) so it helps the skin to stay hydrated. Due to its exfoliation properties it will also help to remove old skin cells leaving your skin soft.

Beeswax has antibacterial properties that help to soothe skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. As you can see natural beeswax is a fantastic ingredient for skincare products.

Simply Bee Heel Balm Ingredients

Other ingredients found in the Simply Bee Heel Balm include:

I’m a huge fan of Shea butter as well as tea tree oil. As a child my mother would use tea tree oil as a natural remedy for so many skin ailments, from insect bites to an antiseptic for scratches. I now keep tea tree essential oil in my home at all times too. I loved using it as a remedy for diaper rash, I would add it to my kids bath water when they got nappy rash and it worked beautifully to clear it up.

Simply Bee Heel Balm Review

My heels can get so cracked that it is painful for me to walk. When my heels get to that stage no normal lotions work to solve the problem.

I’ve been using the Simply Bee Heel Balm for a few months now, I started using it towards the end of summer when my heels were cracked and they heeled completely within a week. I have also been using it daily as a preventative measure and have not had dry cracked heels since.

I like the feel of rubbing cream into my feet and the feeling of the cream being absorbed. This is not the case with this heel balm. It is sticky and more like a Vaseline consistency than cream. I find that the best time to apply the heel balm is just before bed then I don’t notice it as much.

While it may be sticky it makes up for that big time in effectiveness. A bonus is that you don’t need to apply much of it for it to work well so the 125ml jar lasts a good amount of time.

You can clearly smell the tea tree oil and for me this is a soothing reminder of my mother tending to me as a child.

This is the best product I have found to date for cracked heels.

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