Predo Baby Diapers Review

Predo Baby Diapers Review

Recently I was contacted by Predo Baby and asked to review their Predo Baby diapers. I was quite surprised since I had honestly never seen Predo Baby diapers online or offline. So I was very interested to see the quality of these diapers. When they arrived I opened up the …

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Huggies VS Pampers Review

Mom smiling at baby

Something that a lot of new moms worry about when they have their first baby is how to choose the best nappies for their baby. It seem the most common choice for moms here in South Africa are Huggies and Pampers. They are certainly the two most premium brands available …

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Rainbow Tutu for Girls Review

Rainbow Tutu for girls

I have been just itching for this Rainbow Tutu for girls to arrive, I was absolutely convinced that it was going to be shoddy quality because if you buy something for $4.99 with free shipping well what can you expect right? The SA Post Office is so expensive now that …

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Life Insurance with a Difference

Life Insurance Cost Calculator

Since I have become a parent all my priorities in life have changed completely. I don’t leave the house on Friday nights anymore and I am no longer concerned with what clothes I wear or the latest movie to hit the big screen unless of course it is Angry Birds …

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Jitterbugs Review – big time Thumbs Up!

Personalized reward chart kids Jitterbugs

Recently my kids behavior has gone on another downward spiral and I was so keen on getting personalized reward charts for kids. When my daughter was 2 years old her toddler tantrums had reached a peak and I wrote a post about it called The Angry Toddler. That was in …

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Best Breastfeeding Pumps

best breastfeeding pumps

Are you trying to choose between the best breastfeeding pumps and don’t know where to start? Do you even need a breast pump? I have breastfed two babies and I would highly recommend that you get yourself a breast pump if you are planning on breastfeeding your baby. Not only …

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Confessions of a Bad Mother Review

Confessions of a Bad Mother

Reading Confessions of a Bad Mother by Stephanie Calman had me laughing out loud. An honest account of how it really is to be a mother. Yes I’ve read all the baby manuals and how to be a great parent and bring up my child in the best possible way… …

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