FertilitySOS Book Review

FertilitySOS Book

There are so many women that struggle with fertility, and having fertility treatment is expensive and takes an emotional toll. Fertility coach Daminda Senekal-Griessel has just published FertilitySOS. It is a fantastic resource on fertility, focusing on getting pregnant naturally. About FertilitySOS FertilitySOS is a book written by fertility coach …

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Majorette Tune Ups Series 2 Review

Majorette Tune Ups Series 2

We loved the first series that came out last year so we are so excited about the Majorette Tune Ups Series 2 that has just launched. We received 6 cars to review and my son was over the moon when I told him about it. About Majorette Tune Ups Series …

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Q Photo Everyday Photo Books Review

Q Photo Everyday Photo Books

I’ve ordered a number of Q Photo Everyday Photo Books over the last few months and it is such a pleasure to get photos of my family and special memories off of my computer and into a photobook that everyone can look at any time. About Q Photo Q Photo …

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Blikkie Pizzeria Review – The Best Pizza Restaurant

Blikkie Pizzeria view

Our favourite place to eat out as a family is Blikkie Pizzeria in Paternoster. Paternoster is a beautiful town and the restaurant has a stunning view overlooking the ocean. About Blikkie Pizzeria Blikkie Pizzeria specializes in the best thin base pizza in the West Coast. They also have other items …

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Nova Choc-Oh-Late Review – Yummy Guilt Free Chocolate

Nova Choc-Oh-Late

I’m a foodie through and through and chocolate makes me very happy. When I was contacted to do a Nova Choc-Oh-Late review I was over the moon and when the hamper arrived I was super impressed. I received loads of different chocolates, hot chocolate and 3 different types of baking …

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Happy Event Body Butter Review

Happy Event Body Butter

I’m a huge fan of Happy Event products, so I was super keen to try out the Happy Event body butter for the first time. I’ve been using Happy Event products since I was pregnant with my first child and I love their range. Happy Event Body Butter Review Happy …

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Charlie’s Brewhouse Review

Charlies Brewhouse

I’ve been wanting to try out Charlies Brewhouse for a long time and recently I went for a Body Stress Release session in Port Owen giving me the opportunity to go there for lunch afterwards with my kids and mother in law. I had heard only good things about Charlie’s …

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Luna Angeli Period Kit Review – Luna Primrose Pack

Luna Angeli period kit - Luna Primrose

My daughter turns ten years old this week and something that has been on my mind a lot recently is preparing my daughter for puberty and menstruation. I’ve been very keen on making her a period kit, specifically something that she can keep with her at school for just in …

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Russells On The Port Restaurant Review

Russells On The Port Restaurant

When my hubby told me he had booked us a table at Russells On The Port Restaurant for our 10th wedding anniversary date I was very excited, I had been wanting to try them out for years! A special anniversary deserves a special restaurant right? Our wedding anniversary was in …

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