Laser Hair Removal Device At Home

Bareskin IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine Review

When Bareskin contacted me to try out and review their laser hair removal machine I was so excited. When I was younger (pre-kids) my legs, arms and bikini line were always shaved, now at the age of 42 and with two kids I’m finding that I usually look like a hairy bear. Plus to add onto that I am finding that I am getting hair in unexpected and very unwelcome places.

I’m not a fan of waxing and shaving often has become a chore. I looked at having it professionally done and it was not within my budget, so when I was offered my own machine for laser hair removal at home I jumped at the chance. Read on for my Bareskin IPL laser hair removal device review for home use (plus R500 discount code and an awesome giveaway).

***Disclosure – This post is a trade exchange (the products were gifted in exchange for a review), the views remain my own***

Bareskin IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine Review

What Is The Bareskin Laser Hair Removal Machine All About?

The Bareskin IPL laser hair removal device uses IPL laser technology. The device gives off a rapid light pulse called intense pulsed light (IPL).

When this light enters the skin it targets the hair follicles, disrupting hair growth and causing the hair follicle to stay in the resting phase rather than growing phase. The hair then falls out and through using the device on a regular basis at home the hair does not grow back resulting in silky smooth skin that is completely free from hair.

Bareskin IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine

What Comes In The Box?

  • IPL hair laser removal machine
  • charging cable
  • dark glasses to protect your eyes
  • pink razor
  • instruction manual

How To Use The Laser Hair Removal Machine

It did not take me long to work out how to work the IPL laser hair removal machine and before long I felt like a pro even though I have never had any laser hair removal done before.

Preparing Your Skin And Hair For Laser Hair Removal

The first thing you need to do is prepare your skin and hair for using the machine. Your skin must be clean and dry. Do not put any lotion, deodorant, perfume or any other substance on your skin as this will interfere with the process. While salons may use products such as aloe gel for large machines do not use any substances on your skin for laser hair removal at home.

The hair in the area you want to treat needs to be no longer than 2mm. If your hair is longer than 2mm long then you need to shave before you proceed.

Make sure to only shave – waxing, plucking, epilating and using hair removal cream is not going to work as all of these hair removal methods remove the hair along with the root of the hair. You need the root of the hair to remain behind in order for it to be effective.

Using The IPL Hair Removal Device

Make sure to put on your dark glasses to protect your eyes. Plug the IPL laser hair removal machine in and hold the power switch down until you hear the machine start and the red lights turn on. There are five different power settings and pushing the power button once will move the intensity up or down a level. When all five red lights are on it is at the highest setting and when one light is on it is at it’s lowest setting.

It is advisable to start with using the lowest setting and increase the intensity as you go along and become more comfortable with the machine.

When the machine is on and you hold it 90 degrees against your skin the lights will go from red to purple showing that the machine is ready and you can push the bigger button on the machine to release the pulsed light. It will flash and make a crackling sound. You can then move the machine to next area of skin and repeat so that you cover all the areas of the skin you want to treat.

You can also put the machine into continuous play mode by placing the device on your skin and holding down the big button while moving the device along your skin. This will keep the flash going off at intervals while you move the device across your skin. Make sure to match the speed with which you move the device with the flashes so that you cover the area evenly.

What To Do After Laser Hair Removal 

It is important to take proper care of your skin after the procedure. Do not let any water, masks, cosmetics, scents or other products come into contact with the treated areas for 6 hours after use. Avoid the sun and UV exposure for 24 hours after treatment.

How Long Does It Take To Do A Treatment?

It will depend on what areas you are treating – for me personally it took about  25 to 30 minutes each session to do my legs, armpits, chin and bikini areas.

How Often Should You Use The Machine?

For the first four weeks treat the areas three times a week. For weeks five and six do the treatments three times a week and for week seven and eight reduce the treatments to once a week.

After eight weeks you can do the treatments once to twice a month depending on your hair growth.

Frequently Asked Questions about IPL Laser Hair Removal

How Soon Does Hair Begin To Fall Out After Laser Hair Removal?

Your device may only be able to address about 15% of your hair and with repeated sessions more hair will be targeted. Your hair will begin to fall out between 5 and 14 days after laser hair removal, and can continue to do so for weeks afterwards. You can speed up the process by exfoliating.

Hair and skin types for IPL laser hair removal

Does It Work On All Hair And Skin Types?

Unfortunately not all hair and skin types will be suitable for IPL laser hair removal. This IPL device is not suitable for dark skin and for very light, red and grey hair.

The screenshot above from the Bareskin website shows you which hair and skin types will and will not be suitable for laser hair removal at home with this device.

What Areas Can Be Treated With Laser Hair Removal?

You can treat any part of your body, however it is advisable to avoid areas around your eyes.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

No, laser hair removal is not exactly a permanent solution, however it does put the hair follicles into a dormant state for an extended period of time and with continued regular use of the device (say every month or so) hair will not regrow. This makes it the closest hair removal method to permanent.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

While some people may feel a little uncomfortable having laser hair removal the effects are minimal. You may feel nothing at all or you may feel little zaps or a burning sensation. I personally feel no pain at all, even on the strongest setting.

Laser Hair Removal Prices In South Africa

I love going to the spa for some self-care and a while back I took a look at laser hair removal and the pricing was not within my budget for hair removal. Pricing varies per salon and pricing is per session and remember you will need more than one session to keep your legs looking silky smooth all the time.

I checked on a local website and here at the prices for laser hair removal – full legs R2335, underarms R460, chin R265, bikini (not full) R660. These are the areas that I am targeting so those are the prices I looked at to compare, Total treatment = R3720 which is more than the cost of the Bareskin laser hair treatment device that I received and it must also be taken into consideration that the device will last me for over a decade!

How Much Does The Bareskin IPL Laser Hair Removal Device Cost?

At the time of publishing this review the full price on the Bareskin website is R3200 and is marked down to R2400 until the end of September 2021. Shipping is free.

You can also use my coupon code KABOU500 to get R500 off for the next 3 months.

How Long Will The Bareskin Laser hair Removal Machine Last?

The machine has 99000 flashes and will last approximately 12 to 14 years with one person using it.

Home laser hair removal device

My Experience With The Bareskin Laser Hair Removal Machine

This Bareskin laser hair removal machine is incredible. I have been using it for just over a month now and it has been an absolute pleasure seeing the results. While it was quite a procedure doing laser treatment at home three times a week I have significant progress with my hair removal already. I can see that my legs and armpits are much smoother and the hair that does grow appears much thinner and lighter than it was before.

While I had to shave my legs previously twice a week if I wanted to have smooth legs all the time after using the IPL device for a while I have to shave less often before using it and I have not had to shave my legs for over a week now which is very exciting. I’m now on using the machine once a week and will soon reduce it again.

I have also been using the machine on my chin where I have had some hairs that bother me immensely. Previously I was plucking them out whenever I felt them and the laser hair removal treatments have been working incredibly well there too.

I have only recently started doing my bikini line and so far so good but I have not been using it long enough to report accurately, however going by the other areas I have absolute faith that it will go beautifully.

The device is so easy to use and there is no pain or discomfort when using it. The only side effect of the home laser hair removal that I have noticed is that my skin becomes quite dry after a treatment in the evening and in the morning my skin is very dry before I apply lotion.

I’m super impressed with this Bareskin laser hair removal machine and I highly recommend that you buy one for silky smooth legs and hassle free hair removal at home in South Africa.

Kaboutjie Discount Code

Use the discount code KABOU500 to get R500 off your Bareskin IPL laser hair removal device (valid for 3 months from today 23/09/2021) – and take note if you buy one using this discount code before the end of September you will only pay R1900 since the full retail price is marked down from R3200 to R2400.

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